How To Stream Sopcast Via TVersity To Xbox360 & PS3

Reading previous submitted news yesterday regarding streaming of internet video to PS3 this guide will show you how to do it. It is also possible on 360, although i cannot confirm this works, it does however work on the PS3 as i have used the guide.

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herculese14664d ago

ive been wondering on how to do this, this works great!! good job.

SaiyanFury4664d ago

It works very well on the PS3 as it isn't completely proprietary. On the Xbox 360 however, you need either Windows XP Media Center Edition, or Windows Vista in order to use the system's media server interface capability. Neither of which I have so I just use my PS3 for my wireless media server interfacing.

General Pinky4664d ago

needs to watch football on the big screen tv...and i dont have tv card..out of luck here an till now