Silent Hill for PS Vita promises Diablo-style action

Silent Hill has seen its share of portable titles, but never like this! Book of Memories is a full on dungeon crawler, and could be the PS Vita's answer to Diablo. GameZone's own Vito Gesualdi caught up with the game's producer Tomm Hulett to get a sneak peak at this exciting new game.

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SandWitch4116d ago

Hopefully (but very doubtfully) this Diablo-style action will also be close to Diablo-quality. One or two good RPGs for Vita are always welcome

Yodagamer4116d ago

Well it is wayforward, so i expect it to be a good game, i don't think they have made a portable game that wasn't good.

StarFox4116d ago (Edited 4116d ago )

-_- yes because thats what silent hill fans want a diablo knockoff. RIP silent hill its been a shitty run but i'll still remember you for the good games you had (thank you team silent)

-Mika-4116d ago

Oh please. Silent hill fans don't even know want they want in a silent hill game. I would have liked a traditional silent hill but im not opposed to this one either. It looks great and the so-called fans need to stop being so close-minded and just give the game a chance.

StarFox4116d ago

so called fans my ass, i've been playing silent hill since the first and not one time after team silent got disbanded have konami even put in the effort to make a good silent hill game. so don't preach to me about what you have no clue about.

xursz4116d ago

I'll wait until I see decent footage to judge the game.

Kratoscar20084116d ago

I know what i want: TO BE A SURVIVAL HORROR game, NOT THIS CRAP.

Tomonobu Itagaki4116d ago

Precisely. The great quality of Silent Hill series is the fear of what you don't see and the horror of what you may see. The more there is action, the less it is Silent Hill.

A Diablo-like Silent Hill? Sure it sounds fun, but fun is not what we're looking for. Give to Resident Evil any day, but keep Silent Hill the way it must be: a game that gives you nightmares, not a game that gives you pop corn.

smashcrashbash4116d ago

We are getting a Silent Hill game for VITA. That one more to our ever growing line up

Perkel4116d ago

RPS did great coverage on this.

Developers knows that this is weird but it looks amazing and plays great.

People need to give it a chance.

Summons754116d ago

*rolls eyes* silent hill that has mulitplayer shouldn't exist

joeorc4116d ago (Edited 4116d ago )

"*rolls eyes* silent hill that has mulitplayer shouldn't exist"

why not? Im a Silent Hill fan and i think it's great to find new ways to play a game.

Hey what was people saying that the PSVita need's?

No port's? Right So this is not a Port of an existing ip franchise, something new in the Silent Hill Franchise and it's for the PSVita and yet, people are still complaining?


The Game


.The very first Multiplayer Silent Hill - survive horrific nightmare worlds with your friends in a terrifying co-op experience.
.Create and customize your own main character.
.Features a legion of classic creatures from throughout Silent Hill?s history.
.Daniel Licht (Dexter, Silent Hill: Downpour) returns to compose an all-new soundtrack.
.Exclusive to PlayStation®Vita System

And its a freaking Exclusive at that!

come on are Gamer's really being that jaded?


The PSVita need's more exclusives that are not port's
Here's one and yet, what's that more complaining?

Give me a freaking break..LMAO

Summons754116d ago

How am I suppose to be afraid when it is based toward combat (unlike silent hill 1,2,shattered memories) and with friends (when your suppose to feel secluded and helpless)....takes the whole point of silent hill away a survival horror that send you on a trip to question everything that is going on.
I'm all for more vita exclusive and games but this is NOT Silent HIll

joeorc4116d ago (Edited 4116d ago )

"Takes the whole point of silent hill away a survival horror that send you on a trip to question everything that is going on.
I'm all for more vita exclusive and games but this is NOT Silent HIll"


"How am I suppose to be afraid when it is based toward combat"


"survival horror"

that's the thing though, Who said that this cannot effect your experience while playing the game if there is creatures there that are capable of effecting your character that is not just based on combat alone..Multiplayer can mean puzzles to solve just as much as if there is combat in the game.

Having Diablo style action does not mean that's all this game is about.

and since we have not played it we have no idea how the game is going to turn out. That is why in order to know you have to play it for yourself.

and if you noticed in silent Hill you are never alone, there is always other ghost's such as your self there, this time you have more friendly ghosts instead of all bad guy's. Hell maybe PVP can be done in this game, we do not know yet what thing's they could do with htis game.

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KingofGambling2589d ago

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FallenAngel19842589d ago

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