Fresh Devil May Cry 4 screens: of gigantic bugs, demon Dante's new power

Nicolo S. of writes:

Because we can never get enough of Capcom's insane demon-slaying Devil May Cry 4 here are more screenshots showing one of the game's bosses and the explosive abilities Nero's Devil Bringer and Dante in Devil Trigger can execute.

The screens reveal a boss Nero might have a hard time with, since it's some sort of demon swordsman that looks like an insect who can flutter his wings at extremely high speeds and summon critters for devastating attacks.

Like the swords of Vergil (Dante's brother) in Devil May Cry 3, Dante in Devil Trigger mode this time can summon several floating blades for combat. According to what we can gather from the rough translation of Famitsu, Dante in demon form is now as powerful as his demonic knight father Sparda. As such, his improved arsenal includes all those glowing swords.

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DEADEND4666d ago

I can't wait to get this game.

MADGameR4666d ago

The most exciting thing I heard about DMC4 is the fact that Dante will have over 670 weapons! (and thats counting all the melee weapons)

Mr Playboy4666d ago

I will buy it for my best friend KhaliedX360 :)

gunnerforlife4666d ago

oh god this game is gone keep me occupied for so long lets just hope i dont flop on college:(

snakeater34666d ago

is it just me, or is this game looking a bit wee dated....i does look good-ish.....but games like uncharted or cod4 have more visual flair......capcoms fault? multiplat dev fault? or one console's lesser specs fault?

RecSpec4666d ago

Sounds to me that you have a problem with the style. It's not dated. Uncharted and COD4, have a different art style than DMC.

Although I' not sure what you mean by "visual flair"

TheExecutive4666d ago

well to tell you the truth the textures look a little flat and the lighting could use some work but i havent seen the final game or the demo (jan. 31st).

MADGameR4666d ago

The reason why Devil May Cry 4 looks like that is because Capcom used the DEFAULT DMC engine because it cost a lot to develope for the PLAYSTATION 3 and the 360 combined.

xionpunk4666d ago

NOICE. I was waiting for some screens of the new Devil form. Looks sweet.