FCC Testing High Speed Internet Over Television Airwaves

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Federal regulators said they will try again to test prototypes on Jan. 24 for transmitting high-speed Internet service over unused television airwaves.

Late Thursday, the Federal Communications Commission said the devices - developed by Adaptrum Inc., Microsoft Corp., Motorola Inc. and Philips Electronics North America Corp. - will be tested in laboratory and real-world conditions.

The agency said testing will take three months and issue a report about six weeks after the testing ends.

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DethWish4667d ago

Wonder how good this will work when lots of people start using it.
I mean, Air-TV quality isn't always the best and the same thing could happen to this.

patterson4667d ago

It looks like it's targeted for rural areas but if there was bad weather, how will it perform? And not to mention security issues... I don't know, I just don't see this taking off.

Sayai jin4667d ago

Digital Downloads are coming.

LJWooly4667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

Maybe so, but I don't think DDL will be a viable alternative for having an actual hard copy of a movie on DVD or Blu-Ray until about, say, 10 years time.

And by then, there'll probably be an inexpensive, more efficient solution.

Only time will tell...

GIJeff4666d ago

theyre already here. The problem is theyre sh1t. Dont expect internets over the air to be too much faster than DSL by time it gets to your house.

Bladestar4667d ago

lol... LJWooly... keep being in denial... even after apple's news and they digital distribution goals.. you still think it will take decades...

Do you know what FCC Testing means? That's one step before it goes into the public...

It's not a coincidence Microsoft is into this... and like everything else; there are things that you don't know that Microsoft knows... for example this... I bet you didn't know this test was going on...

You should be happy too... an alternative internet service provide may help other internet service drop their prices... so be happy.

LJWooly4666d ago

I said 10 years. That's a decade, not decades.

C'mon, Bladestar, do the math.

pwnsause4666d ago

he doesnt know math, hes bladestar, the blind fanboy.

LJWooly4666d ago

Ironically, he likes to say "educate yourself" to people. Pretty hippocritical, if you ask me.

Armyless4667d ago

This is good news for increasing the footprint and widespread availability of internet access, but watch the FCC. Public access and limited radio bands means GOVERNMENT REGULATION.

Look at how the FCC governs CONTENT of radio and television.

v1c1ous4667d ago

google, microsoft, and 4 other companies are the ones applying for this.

it's just going to be another viable source for internet.

no different from comcast or AT&T

hopefully less evil.

Armyless4667d ago

Part of it? All of it?

I'm pointing out the pitfalls of FCC regulation. The FCC has overstepped it's "authority" in many dangerous ways in the past. Satellite radio, cable, and internet have been able to circumvent government FCC intrusion by avoiding the limited spectrum of radio frequencies, which was the sole purpose of the FCC initially.

What part of the FCC is a mystery to you... Uhhh dude?

n_n4666d ago (Edited 4666d ago )

everything is regulated... don't think China is the only country that regulates what its citizens see/read/ on the news... you'll be surprised how widespread our governments regulate our countries. there really is no such thing as 100% freedom anymore. we'rea all being led by their leashes whether we realize this or not and technology is just going to keep us more and more confined in the future.