Max Payne 3 sold 440,000 units in US launch month

Weak debut for multiformat game delayed since 2009.

Sales of Rockstar and Take-Two's Max Payne 3 in its US launch month were 440,000 units, according to data from the NPD Group.

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Lovable4420d ago

That's pretty low for a "Rockstar" game. Then again, it's been a really slow month...

Hisiru4420d ago (Edited 4420d ago )


Max Payne 3 actually surprised me. It's really good game (but I had low expectations)

xCaptainAmazing4420d ago (Edited 4420d ago )

There are aspects of it I enjoyed, but it does not hold a candle to the previous games overall. I'm glad I only borrowed it from a friend because I didn't even finish it.

It's nowhere near a bad game, but a title you can easily skip. Way too many auto bullet time scenes and cutscenes in general. Let me be clear, I love good cutscenes and storytelling, but they overdid it. Not a single story element was explored while playing... there was a cutscene every minute.

Pacing was alright, but it was also infuriating because of this and near unplayable as a game. just rips you out way too often to be fun.

The emphasis on cover was really dumb I thought. Ruined the speed and craziness the action of the series was known for.

LOGICWINS4420d ago (Edited 4420d ago )

"There are aspects of it I enjoyed, but it does not hold a candle to the previous games overall."

WOW, talk about different strokes for different folks. I thought it was easily the best Max Payne game ever created. In past games Max was monotone for the most part(except for when he was like "NOOOOOOO!" when his wife died). In MP3, Max has far more emotional range this time time around. And the action setpieces don't even come close to anything in previous Max Payne games.

The part where he almost catches up to Fabiana and he kills like eight guys...in a boat...while the boat is 20 feet in the air! As an overall experience, I understand how you can prefer the New York grit of the past Max Payne games, but as an action game, Max Payne 3 blows most games on the market out of the water.

"The emphasis on cover was really dumb I thought. Ruined the speed and craziness the action of the series was known for."

The cover actually made the game less frustrating than past games in the franchise. In every Max Payne game your heavily outnumbered and outgunned. You don't think cover makes sense in this scenario? If there was no cover, the game would have been frustrating. Besides..your not forced to use the cover.

ReservoirDog3164420d ago

@ Captain

Haha, just throwing it out there. If you spent most of your time in cover, you were playing it wrong. Cover is for reloading or picking off a few guys here or there. But that's it. It's made to be a run and gun game and that's when it's most fun.

It's kinda different from the previous 2 (that I loved) honestly but they could've just made the game in New Jersey and New York again and people would've called it safe and boring.

But as an action game, it's one of the best and most well controlled games ever.

ABizzel14420d ago

I didn't really enjoy the game, but that had nothing to do with the game itself. I just didn't enjoy much of anything about Max as a character, or any of the other characters for that matter.

For me Max Payne 3 was like watching a movie that you know has good acting and good writing, but you can't get past the fact that it's a movie you don't want to see.

Although I didn't care for the game, it definitely deserves more than 400,000 units sold. It's a good game, made by a great developer, and should be supported better than what it has so far.

Soldierone4419d ago

@RDogs, I'm playing it on the hardest setting, its nearly impossible to run and gun at certain points lol You get out of cover and get owned unless you are in bullet time.

I'm not complaining though, it makes me strategize who to shoot and when more often.

orange-skittle4419d ago

Best Max Payne created. Only complaint is the blurred double vision during cut scenes.

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Raf1k14420d ago

That's a bit of a shame really because I really enjoyed the game and think it has quite a bit going for it. I wonder if it would have sold better had it still had the style of the old games.

FriedGoat4420d ago

Yes, And if it were made by Remedy.

SPAM-FRITTER-1234419d ago

i loved the game BUT i think remedy's writing skills were missing.

also i never knew that the guy who played the original max payne made the max payne series and alan wake.

he is a talented writer.

FriedGoat4419d ago

Indeed, I'm not entirely sure why I got these disagrees.
I think some uneducated n4g-ers don't know the history of Max Payne.

ShoryukenII4420d ago

No it wouldn't have. Most of the people who bought it don't even know about the old style games and May was a very weak month (sales wise).

I think Starhawk sold less than 100k. I was sure that it was because this (much better advertised) game was releasing a weak later but it seems that people just weren't buying games that month.

Mariusmssj4419d ago

May didn't stop Diablo 3 from breaking records xD but i do agree may has been quite a bad month for other games

AgreeFairy4420d ago

I knew it would flop much like GTA5 will.

NeoTribe4420d ago

Saying gta5 will flop is like saying the next cod blacks ops is gonna flop. Not happening.

D3mons0ul4420d ago

Call of Duty can and should flop. People are getting tired of that shit.

Soldierone4419d ago

COD Won't ever "flop" Sales may decline slowly, but it won't flop. All the slower people will still think its the cool thing to buy, before they realize their friends stopped buying it. Eventually Activision will stop the game before it flops for reals to save themselves from "ruining" the franchise. Then re-introduce it later.

ChunkyLover534420d ago

The sad fact is that we need new hardware, there was a reason we were on a 5 year console cycle, people are getting a bit tired of some of these types of games. I honestly don't know anyone that was asking for a Max Payne 3. Some of these companies don't know how to listen to their consumers.

How great would it be if LucasArts gave us Star Wars Battlefront 3? Or if Rockstar gave us Red Dead 2? Seems like we are always told what we want lately.

Soldierone4419d ago

I agree. I feel last generation was better at it. You want more? We give you more. Today its like "we will get to it, but first here is another FPS!!!!"

I understand not wanting to milk a cow, but they all milk different cows anyways.....look at FPS games. You could release some medicore piece of crap, and get a sequel. If you release an absolutely awesome game that gets great reviews but doesn't sell like an FPS title, well too bad.

josephayal4420d ago

nice sales, what a about a PS-VITA version?