Right time to buy an HDTV?

If you ran out and bought a shiny new plasma or LCD television this past holiday season, you might not want to keep reading. According to a forecast by the firm Pacific Media Associates, flat-panel HDTV prices will drop another 15.6 percent this year.

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ReBurn4666d ago

At some point you have to stop waiting for price drops and jump in. I was a fairly early adopter and I watched the price of my TV drop 50% within 6 months of buying it. But the way I see it I was watching TV and playing games in HD for 6 months longer than I would have been.

A lot of time the waiting causes you to get left behind.

LJWooly4666d ago

Agreed, and bubbles for you (not that you need anymore).

mikeslemonade4666d ago (Edited 4666d ago )

If you can find a good reputable brand 32 inch HDTV for $500 then now is the time to buy it because with that price it won't drop any lower. I got mine last year with a lucky deal. Don't wait for the 1080p to drop because you're definately missing out if you don't have HDTV for 360 or PS3 right now. The HD is basically half of the experience. I use to have SDTV when I got PS3 and then when I got the HDTV the games literally got twice as good. Im a huge fan of 1080p but you're basically paying double just for a under a 3rd resolution. Just get a 720p for $500 right now and 1080p when those drop to $500.

killax35634666d ago

I saw a Bravia XBR5 a few weeks ago and was floored. The picture looked so much better than other hdtv's. what made the picture look amazing was it was 120 hz and had 'judder-free' processing.

fortunately other brands have 120hz and judder-free processing coming out as well. and prices are coming down.

Anybody here have a 120Hz set? What's your opinion on them?

Suki034666d ago

I would have to say that 120Hz is really nice for gaming. I have the Samsung 4671 and the picture is smooth and vibrant.

C_SoL4666d ago

look at them stand so far away with each the way nice set man....

clevernickname4666d ago (Edited 4666d ago )

I recently bought the 46" Samsung LNT4669, which supports 120 Hz, at essentially a fire sale price and couldn't be happier. Game video and HD material is so freaking smooth when 120 Hz is enabled. It also helps a little bit with SD television content, but not as much as games, upscaled DVDs and HD content.

It should be noted that 120 Hz, or "Motion Flow" as Samsung calls it, technology has only been around for a little over a year, so the technology is still improving. You may see a tiny amount of artifacting in certain scenes, but you can control the level of Motion Flow (low, medium or high) or turn it completely off if you wish. But it's almost impossible to describe how beautiful it looks playing Gears of War in 1080p on a 46" HDTV with 120 Hz/Motion Flow. Unfreaking believable.

Suki034666d ago

hehe, thanks for the comments. My boyfriend and I love to game. The reason why the PS3 and xbox is far apart is because of ventilation issues. We don't want the systems to overheat. Also the 360 is wired connection so it's closer to the router (don't wanna pay extra for the wireless...already kinda annoyed that I had to buy the wireless adapter). But ya, I love this TV for HD movies and gaming, it's amazing all around.

LanRanger4665d ago (Edited 4665d ago )

If you're trying to decide between 720p and 1080p TVs, keep in mind at a certain distance from a given sized TV you will not be able to tell the difference. In other words to determine whether a higher resolution set is worthwhile you must consider both SIZE and VIEWING DISTANCE.

There is some disagreement over exactly at what measurements a given resolution becomes worthwhile, but I find this chart to be extremely valuable:

The values from that chart show that 1080p on a 32" set only becomes relevant if you're closer than about 6' to the set, and on a 50" TV if you're sitting 10' or closer.

The exact numbers will vary from person to person and situation to situation, but the fact remains at some distance 720p will be indistinguishable from 1080p on any set. Do your research and make sure you don't pay more for a resolution you won't be able to see.

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BLUR1114666d ago

if anyone that loves movies or games should get a hdtv its amazing.. period

ITR4666d ago

Waiting until mid yr before I pick anything up.
New models and new prices.

PS3n3604666d ago

At some point you just gotta get what you can afford at the time and enjoy it. The waY I see it, last year I wanted a sharp aquos 1080p which were $4000, I couldnt afford that at the time so I bought a Samsung for $2000, looks great and I have had a year of HD gaming on it. Now the Sharps are $1500. I could go out now buy the sharp and have 2 40" HDTV's for less than I would have paid for just one last year.

Diselage4666d ago

I'm getting mine this month, 42 inches for under a grand is to good to pass up, especially considering it's a samsung.

mintaro4666d ago

kudos to you, samsung is a really good buy, i have a 26" incher, and although it's not the biggest tv around, the picture qualty is AMAZING

Mr Playboy4666d ago

Its time to buy HDTV plus a Blu-ray player and throw the old and rusty HD-DVD player in a trashcan

GrammarPolice4666d ago

However, the HDDVD player wasn't around long enough to get rusty or even dusty for that matter.

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