XCM XFPS RateUp Adapter for PS3 arrives

The guys over at let us know tonight that their new XCM XFPS RateUp Adapter for PS3 has arrived!

Features include:

# Compatible with all PS3 games.

# Compatible with all versions of PS3 (NTSC/US, PAL, NTSC/JAP).

# Can map the controller button keys to any key of the keyboard.

# Compatible with 95% of different kinds of mouse and keyboards.

# High sensitivity, precision and smoothness.

# Built in Turbo (Auto Fire) functionality.

# Can adjust the mouse sensitivity from 2 extra wheels, with 16 levels of adjustment for X and Y sensitivity to adapt perfectly to every mouse.

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peksi4666d ago

Clicked the link and ended up with a "free lotto" commercial. Sometimes those commercials just kill me...

Bordel_19004666d ago

Please remove this crap link.

CRIMS0N_W0LF4666d ago

these are ruining the online gaming.

There are even controllers to turn every weapon into automatic. Including G3 and pistols.

I hope IW stat reset all stat padders. There are people with 500 kill steak (wtf) and all bunch of stat padders like someone who is prestige 10 rank 55 and only played 3 days (WTF!?!?!?)

heyheyhey4666d ago

cool il be sure to pick this little gadget up for my FPS games- but i think the dualshock is perfect for action and sports games

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