Little Big Planet - Play, Create, Share, now chill

As 2007 came to a close, many PS3 owners lamented the fact that Media Molecule's highly anticipated, user-generated-super platformer, "LittleBigPlanet" didn't deliver the promised demo to the Playstation Network that many believed we'd get our hands on before the ball dropped.

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heyheyhey4665d ago

oh god this is going to be the most addictive game since tetris

i can't wait for this

blacsheep4665d ago

innovation is the way and this will redefine a genre just like grand theft auto did in open world games

peksi4665d ago

..and kill. Now that would be nasty.

Impact4665d ago

you know I never really looked at this game until now, and it is truly impressive looking. I don't have a PS3 but i will buy one for this game. looks like tons of fun

LJWooly4665d ago

I love it when games come out that just proves that you seriously don't need violence in a game in order for it to be good.

I also like 'chilling'.

jcgamer4665d ago

I agree, bubbles up...

Amnesiac4664d ago


is that supposed to be insulting?

Tarmgar4664d ago

Mario was plenty violent in my eyes. You're a plumber that goes around squishing foes in your way who just walk not even trying to kill Mario. I mean who's the real "enemy" in those games. The goombas don't really TRY to attack you, they just walk. I mean, Mario just stomps on them like he doesn't give a care. He even kicks poor turtles out of their homes. He even jump on people so hard, they EXPLOOOODE! Now THAT'S violent.

LJWooly4664d ago

I never really thought of Mario that way, I guess you're right. Even the warm and cuddly Nintendo corp. can be heartless.

Bubbles up :D

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The story is too old to be commented.