Nintendo switch to inferior, likely cheaper screens in newer 3DS models

Nintendo have seemingly changed screen suppliers following 3DS's price cut last year, leading to worse screen quality amongst newer models when compared to older ones.

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MoreConsole3018d ago

Bah! What are Nintendo playing at?

Wenis3018d ago

For once I'm happy to have been an early adopter of a console

Winter47th3018d ago

That blows my chance along with many others of ever purchasing a 3DS anytime soon.

Nimblest-Assassin3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )


Really? I lose the 3DS I bought day 1... and decided to hold of buying another, because nintendo will upgrade the system, and your telling me they are downgrading it?

WTH is this?

SirBradders3018d ago

They are such bulls****ers i quote 'we are not concentrating on new models of 3ds, we are looking to achieve the next generation of portables' < something along them lines.

--Onilink--3018d ago

nothing along those lines....

miyamoto simply said that he was happy with the current model as it is, and anything they are currently thinking off, will probably be for a future handheld

Nothing in that quote says that they wont release updated versions of the 3DS or that they are doing something for the future handheld beside R&D

stuna13017d ago

This doesn't bode well for the WII U! Every iteration of nintendo technology has been upgraded with each new iteration! Could this be a hint at the WII U potentially being more powerful? Which is good, but also being more expensive? Which is not so good.

kneon3018d ago

Are they really basing this off a sample size of 2? Has anyone else reported this issue? If not then perhaps they just got a dud with the newer one.

disgaeapuchi3018d ago

If you read the article they mention the screen issue shows up on Flare Red, Coral Pink, Ice White models, so more than 2.

kneon3018d ago

Sorry I missed that line. Ok so it looks like they've gone with a cheaper screen. It's not all that surprising though, they can't go on losing money on every unit forever.

--Onilink--3018d ago

well, they could have also shown those other models instead of just 1

godzilla723018d ago

Hmm, got my black 3DS in August at the price change. Looks like we should stick with our older model if this is true. Happy with mine, no complaints here!

josephayal3018d ago

Kids don't notice these things, BTW Nintendo makes some really good, quality hardware, My nes I got in 1987 still works like a champ! Sadly my gameboy is getting discolored plastic from the sun but still working

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The story is too old to be commented.