One of the PS2's greatest titles is scheduled for release on the Wii

One of the biggest surprises of the PS2 game library for a lot of people was Okami. Lauded by both game critics and gamers alike, Okami proved that what people really wanted was something different.

Sure, a good Resident Evil title was always a plus, and God of War is an excellent series, but haven't we seen stuff like that before? Okami was unique because it honestly did implement a gameplay mechanic that nobody had ever seen before.

And now, Wii owners are getting a chance to experience the magic of Okami in a remake of the PS2 classic, with some awesome Wii additions (namely, the control scheme) thrown in.

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thedude176554667d ago

no one bought it so they figure to peddle it on to the gullible wii consumers. I know it got reviews but no one bought it for good reason, there was no appeal to anyone other than japan.

SlyGuy4667d ago

I still think it is one of those underrated GEMS like ICO. I found Okami to be one of my fav games of all time.

forum_crawler4666d ago

...that they will sell at least one copy of the game (to me!!!).

Frances-the-Mute4667d ago

i love Okami, but if it hardly sold on the PS2 which has a 100 million+ install base, what make us think it will sell on the Wii's install base

Eretik4667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

Sells do not correlate with installed base in straightforwrd manner.

felman874667d ago

The highest selling game last gen was GTA: SA on the PS2 which sold 15 mil. (currently, ~10% install base) does that mean GTA4 will only sell 1.6 mil on 360 and .9 mil on PS3?

clevernickname4667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

Okami was a masterpiece when the game left you alone to play, but the sheer volume of seemingly endless dialog was extraordinarily tedious. Easily half if not two thirds of the dialog could have been cut without affecting gameplay if the designers had simply let the stunning presentation and art tell the story. A more muted style of storytelling along the lines of Shadow of the Colossus would have favored Okami, in my opinion.

The Wii controller does seem better suited to the game mechanics than the PS2 controller, so I expect to hear good things when it is released.

heyheyhey4667d ago

is it just me or does it feel like Okami was always destined for the wii- it belongs on the wii

Okami was a top-notch game and i am glad to see that it is getting resurrected on the wii- where it belongs IMO

it's pretty obvious why this game is suited to the wii- the brush-stroke attacks and abilities

pwnsause4667d ago

I just hope it sells well. THis game deserves to be sold like crazy, very very beautiful indeed.

SaiyanFury4667d ago

The Eternal Brush function may seem suited to the Wiimote, but most people who own Wiis won't bother with it. Okami is an RPG, and most non-Gamers, the people which buy the Wii the most, won't be interested. Most people lack the attention span necessary for it. I have little doubt it will sell copies, but not to the extent that Nintendo has hopes for.

forum_crawler4666d ago

You must mean the same who who "didn't" buy Zelda right?

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The story is too old to be commented.