How To Make Your Very Own GOW Lancer

Forsaken_Angel24 says:

"One day while I was playing Co-op with my little buddy Gabriel I put the game on pause and told him I was going to make a Lancer. He asked how and I didn't exactly know. All I knew was the seed was placed deep within my brain that I needed to make one."

"That seed grew into an idea. I then found that same make of toy chainsaw over at ToysRus.
I was eyeballing it and realized it could be done.
I then brought it home. After taking it out of its package I realized this was going to be harder than I thought."

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HowarthsNJ4666d ago

I remember being that obsessed once. Rock on :-)

Ignorant Fanboy4666d ago

I took apart my 360 Xplorer, routed out the fretboard on an old electric guitar, and am in the process of putting it all together.

No, its not because Im bored. When Im bored I post here.

moses4666d ago

that took some damn hard work!

Look at the beginning and the outcome

heyheyhey4666d ago

woah someone was incredibly bored.....

Ignorant Fanboy4666d ago

Play Videogames?

Using the creative side of your brain, and actually creating something, is alot more useful in the long run to your overall development, than flipping burgers at work.

R M Spender4665d ago

that has inspired me to make an Idol from idol master.

thedude176554665d ago

you are a darsh! guess what i am going to do, i am going to buy 500 barbies and build my own lara croft to pleasure myself when i am not being dumb.