Xbox 360 Media Blowout

Check out a whole bunch of Xbox 360 Media including videos from Assassins Creed and NFS: Carbon...

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uuuunvnv25845d ago

is that Jade girl from AC like crazy hot or what!!! must have been a late bloomer.

PS360PCROCKS5845d ago

yeah she's pretty hot, but how rediculously awesome is AC, they re-created the world as it was in the 1100's building by building and your assassinating real historical people from those time, this is very a neat idea indeed and their attention to detail and studying is phenomonal, I have to say so far this next-gen has gone to Ubisoft and Capcom, their creating the best looking and playing games

Marriot VP5845d ago

yah she is, usually I don't make jokes like these but I have a hidden dagger of my own.

uuuunvnv25844d ago

ubisoft has been number 1 in my opinoin for like 4 years now. all there games from the first SC to XIII, all extreamly hot games

triniwi5845d ago

Only videos, where is the demooooooo's

BIadestarX5845d ago

At least you are getting lots of game play video while all we are getting is CGI videos for the PS3.

PS360PCROCKS5845d ago

lol this is true but we're talking about Sony now, they like to uh...well lie

dutchmole5845d ago

Did anyone notice the chemical formula that showed up in the background while Jade says "i cant tell you more otherwise i'd ruin the surprise" Im not good with chemistry, but i was wondering if anyone else could recognize it?

Scrooge5844d ago

Im good with chem, but I couldn't see what you were talking about. When she sayed that, all I could see was a white background and no chem formula.

dutchmole5844d ago

It was just barely visible, it fades in and then out before she is done talking, i was able to see it better when i tilted my laptop screen down. The formula is quite complicated and appears to be a light blue color. Try adjusting your contrast. It is probably of no signifigance, its just strange how they would add that in there.