Frontlines Devs: Not Denying Fuels Of War Is Cancelled For PS3?

Reports have come in that Gamestop & EBGames have been notified the PS3 version is canceled, listings seem to have been removed from their respective web sites, and admins on the Kaos Studios forums are not denying it.

Kaos DanMatlack said....

"Don't fret. The xbox 360 version is great!"
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LightningPS34667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

This falls into the dephs of slew. So many damn shooters. I won't even remember this ones name.

Infact, I didn't even know about it till now. If they don't want to bring it to PS3, they don't have to.

I wasn't gonna buy it. What I am planning to buy

Resistance 2
Killzone 2
Gears of War 2

socomnick4667d ago

Im probably going to buy it if it comes out sooner than later I need a bf type game to help pass the time until bf bad company drops.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

cant wait for BF:BC.


this will NOT (unless it "AAAA") find anytime to be in my ps3 in 2008, if it is coming out for ps3.

+ I`m still playin COD4.
+ 360 needs some more games for 2008, their sh!ts weak (i`m sorry, but it is)

mboojigga4667d ago

Let me get this straight.

Your saying a game that is being released for both the 360 and the PS3 is being cancelled cause you think because of too much shooters. If they were cancelling it for the 360 MAYBE that would possibly be a very small reason why but for the PS3. Give me a break. You mention Gears of War 2 which is for the 360 but the other 2 games that state to come at the end of 08 and this game is about to release within the next month. All I can say is.......HUH?

BrianC62344667d ago

Does anyone even want this game? I sure don't. If the PS3 version was cancelled I say so what. It will probably just be a crappy game. I have too many great PS3 games to play now. They'll keep me busy until the really big games come out.

UnasFortuna4666d ago

It doesn't matter how many shooters are out there. I don't think that is a logical reason for cancelling any game on a console. I wasn't too interested in this game in the first place; however, I don't like not having it as an option to buy except for my 360. I love both consoles for different reasons, but I do prefer my PS3. There are only two viable reasons for them cancelling the PS3 version (if indeed they did) this late in the game especially since the release date is around the corner. The first being: They were paid a monetary compensation to keep it on one console. I find this unlikely since from what I have seen of the is not worth MS keeping this title on one console. The second being (and more likely): The developer was having trouble with the programming code on the PS3 and decided not to finish investing money into the project since they couldn't figure how to program properly for the PS3. Will I miss this If it gets good reviews I can easily buy it for the 360; however, I don't like not having the option to buy it for any console of my choice.

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SRuN44667d ago

Seeing how the game was looking to be a summer launch on the PS3 and seeing the stiff competition they would be having, I'd say it'd be the safe bet to cancel it.

EastCoastSB4667d ago

I wasn't even planning on buying this for either console, it's just another "near future" shooter with no distinguishing qualities. Besides, CoD still has my interest.

Fade_Walker4667d ago

to be honest I wasn't too impressed with the demo anyway, Plus the PS3 has some two top notch FPS this year anyway

AshleyRiot4667d ago

Gameinformer had it as a feb release for PC/360 and a april release on PS3.