What Is Play TV? (TiVo For Your PlayStation 3)

PlayTV enables PlayStation 3 users to "watch live digital TV using the device as well as record shows direct to the PS3's hard drive, which they can then watch back either through the television or via a PSP, by connecting to the home console wirelessly over the internet."

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Gazman4668d ago

This should be good, just glad its so damn easy to change hard drives

cow moolester4668d ago

I'm not getting this...100 euro for the ability to watch freeview channels on my Ps3...doesn't that defeat the purpose of "freeview" ?

I'll keep my Sky HD....has 1000 more channels and 180gigs of space

beaner714814668d ago

the coolest part of this idea is that it can be streamed to the psp with remote play. In my opinion it would be really cool to be in another state on business and be able to flip on my tv at home and see what is playing while i am waiting for something or just happen to be bored and in a hotspot.

kspraydad4668d ago

You can already do this with your PSP by purchasing a SONY Location Free device.

As for PlayTV functionality coming to the US. SONY will be announcing a partnership with TIVO for an add on solution for release Xmas 2008.

Rama262854668d ago

This thing is no better than Sky HD, but it isn't merely a device which allows you to watch freeview - and for the record if you don't have a TV with a freeview receiver, you'll still have to buy a setup box to receive them.

This is the equivalent to a Sky HD box but just for freeview and without all the sky channels. So you can watch one channel while recording another and you also have the PSP connectivity which is it's party trick. This is a real steal for people who don't have freeview already, or people who want to be able to have sky+ functionality with freeview.

hella whip4668d ago

"100 euro for the ability to watch freeview channels on my Ps3...doesn't that defeat the purpose of "freeview"" I think its pretty obvious that to access freeview you need to buy something that receives freeview channels, whether it is play tv or a stand alone freeview box.

danarc4668d ago

Where did you get your free freeview box?
I want in...

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Raupet4668d ago

The "simplicity of HD" is starting to piss me off. Here in Europe there's a non-stop barrage of "it's so easy", "get HD now" commercials, but when you actually starts to look around not even the guys that work at the place knows how the hell it's supposed to work!

Why can't someone make a complete step by step fifty page detailed walkthrough on how it works and what's needed. These five-liner articles are nothing but brain farts IMO.

Oh, and if there's anyone who knows, pref from N-europe, since I'm sure there's different ways of doing this stuff in different regions.

What I'm wondering about is will playTV work as an analog to digital convertor from cable, or does it only work with a normal antenna?

Rice4668d ago

I was thinking of getting one, but im not sure what it really does.....

hella whip4668d ago

Basically it allows you to view and record Freeview TV channels through your PS3 or on the PSP via remote play.

Rice4668d ago

thanks for the help....bubbles for both of you.

REPLOID244668d ago

I don't want to watch t.v. through my PS3. I want to play killer games with great online functionality.

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