Official Halo 3 Logo Unveiled

Well its not exactly amazingly different from what we thought it would be, but even so the official Halo 3 logo has been unveiled by Bungie.

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kingboy5848d ago

just days ago we saw a video showing the ps3 on and people said it was lame.Is this suppose to be considered news?

BadTaste5848d ago

what the point in coming out with that crap? you just vote lame on every 360 article, so f**k off.

calderra5847d ago

The article this was pulled from is also (8?) days old.

Welcome to last week!

kingboy5848d ago (Edited 5848d ago )

look what i gave for gears of wars, little man

Shadow Flare5848d ago

i think my heart just skipped 5 beats this news is so unexpected

what else is the logo gonna be? It wasn't gonna be masterchief jumping in the air displaying 3 fingers like sonic did on sonic 3

MoonDust5847d ago

This is dumb, waste of space .

BIadestarX5847d ago

at least they didn't steal the fonts from spiderman like a company I know.

Optimus Prime5847d ago

lol never thought of that. sony dont take spiderman down like that. it is too good for you

Shadow Flare5847d ago

firstly sony own the rights to the spiderman movies and secondly, the word 'PlayStation 3' looks cool written in spiderman font on the ps3. What font would you have them use? Wingdings?

kmis875847d ago

Didn't Sony create the Spiderman font?

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