Final Fantasy XIII To Have Split-Screen Co-op?

Quoting PSW: "One new feature to help develop the story will be a 'split-screen' of sorts, showing different characters in different locations on screen at the same time."

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Anego Montoya FTMFW4661d ago (Edited 4661d ago )

Can you imagine?

RFOM2 is doing it, in a BIG WAY.

Why can`t they?


mikeslemonade4661d ago (Edited 4661d ago )

FFXIII is going to be innovative. This spilt screen idea truly takes advantage of PS3 hardware because it can handle more things on screen than any other game system. Split screen has been in shooters and racers, but this RPG is going to be huge. Shooters and racers both take place in small areas with many restrictions.

Merovee4661d ago

It sounds more like they were saying (to me at least) they were gonna be doing some IN-game cut-sceens (or possibly playing separate sections of the story while bouncing between which character you play) on a split screen while the game kept going on the other section, which would be great to keep the story and action going at the same time. All the people who griped about the long cuts w/out action would be quelled without sacrificing the detailed stories.

TheXgamerLive4660d ago (Edited 4660d ago )

No matter what you say and you know this to be true, the ps3 can not handle as much on screen as the Xbox 360 or a PC.

Can it still do split screen coop? Yes, so can the Wii. So relax w/the lies, M'kay.

Raupet4660d ago

Why do you say that Xgamer? I'm not trying to troll, but would really like to hear where you've heard that, and maybe more why it can't "handle as much on screen as the xbox360 and pc".

Other than that, from what I've heard is that it's for cutscene / action shots kinda like the 24 show, or the "at the same time" shots in FFIX. But there were a roumor a while ago that Sqeenix was talking about using some form of online in FFXIII, though seriously doubt that it's gonna play a major part since I doubt they can put online as a requirement since that would mean that people without net can't finish the game. Could be chocobo racing online, though ^^

But as always, most of these roumors are still up in the air, and this game is too far away to be able to say anything definitive. Not to talk about how tight lipped Square are when it comes to it's games.

Sarick4660d ago

I don't think this is how it'll work.
On Final Fantasy 7 in the first tower after getting Red the teams slit up into 2 parties and the game swichs from one to the other slowly advancing the plot. The Same thing happened in FF8 near the end to beat the ultima weapon you had to split up so the one party was at ultimas (spoiler info removed) to kill him.

Here though instead of switching back and forth at key points in the story action go's split screen and both screens are seperated. You could be off in another dungeon swiching levers or killing another boss on 2nd screen to affect a boss the 1st screen. All while a party is activly fighting in 2 different locations.

A good use for this would be like FF 9 when all the element cave bosses had to be defeated at the same time by multiple 2 person parties. (I REALLY THINK Square should've let us fight all these bosses at this point not just giving cutscenes for each of them) I only needed to beat one boss the others just well beat them with no user input.

You can see how this can make things interesting. Think if the final boss battle in FF7 would be if all 3 parties needs to co-op to beat sep at the end. Not just one party at a time activly fighting and swiching back and forth but all parties active at once. Indeed chaotic.

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pwnsause4661d ago

this would be pretty revolutionary for an RPG.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4661d ago


doesn`t even begin to explain what this would mean to the JRPG world. lol.

redwingsrock4661d ago

my god that would be amazing i remember back in the day when playing FF 7 through 12 we would take turns playing, this would be monumental if it's true

solidt124661d ago

That's something new for a RPG. Square keeps innovating.

WilliamRLBaker4661d ago

no...their have been 2-3 player rpgs before.

Meus Renaissance4661d ago

I will be hateful of this game if it does not come out this year.

Bonsai12144661d ago

i wouldn't be hateful, i'd be disappointed. but you gotta let them do their thing and make it perfect.

Raupet4660d ago

Wouldn't hold my breat =/ Everything points to a 2009 release, at least here in EU. *Remembers the dreadful 5months between the US & EU release for ffxii* *cries*
I was a few steps away from going completely bonkers O.o'

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