New Armored Core: For Answer Screenshots

New Armored Core: For Answer Screens. Enjoy!

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gamesR4fun4665d ago (Edited 4665d ago )

how big of a delay and will it be playable?

Lets hope it rocks in 08 tho nothing better than a little mech battle online especially if they can raise the bar from their last ps2 version...

REPLOID244664d ago

This series has potential. I don't know if it's too late, though.

AllroundGamer4664d ago

yeah, but i would rather want a new Front Mission game for the PS3, one of the best mech SRPGs ever!

heyheyhey4664d ago

i think it's safe to say that this game is going to have more motion blur than an alcoholic with a crate of absinthe

REPLOID244664d ago


InMyOpinion4664d ago

Armored Core:For Answer!?? What the h3ll does that mean? It's funny when you think about it. They probably spent thousands of dollars developing this game but didn't take time to learn english good enough to give the game a meaningful title. Only in Japan.

heyheyhey4664d ago

we aren't in the "red wing" age anymore you know- if a dev cares about a series enough to release most of its games in the USA and Europe, they will probably care enough to give it a title to make sense

the AC games have always had understandable dialogue, so im guessing the title actually means something (remember games can have retarded titles that mean something, like in the game Call of Cthulu)

Strife Lives4664d ago

i want a whole lotta other stuff too.custimisation. And. And and. Doesnt 4 answer look like ZOE ? zone of the enders..make another pls

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