Working Modchip for the Xbox 360?

A team called Devil360 claims they now have developed a working mod chip for the xbox 360. According to the team the Devil360 is in no way related to the DVD firmware exploits - it's a totally different approach.

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speed6211d ago

I'll believe it when I see it. How many reports of bogus hacking have we seen since the 360 release??

Krimson6211d ago

If you read it closely they say they are still working on getting unsigned code to boot (ie: no homebrew). So it's essentially a useless modchip since the firmware hack is already out, is free, and can be installed by anyone capable of using a screwdriver.

EVER OLVERA6211d ago (Edited 6211d ago )

I can see why someone would try to prove their intellect and try to hack a console just to be the one to say "Hey, I was the first to hack the 360." But, why try to commercialize the fact and try to make money of the incriminalating exploits. Isn't there a law against this type of stuff? Plus, f-bomb those hackers (fudgepackers). Try buying games like everybody else...

BIadestarX6211d ago

Is it me or their site is down? If they can't get their site to work will they be able to come up with a modchip that will not brick your xbox 360 as soon as you connect to xbox live?

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