Analyst: Expect 100m Wii Sales By 2012

Sakuri at Nomura has no doubts about the long-term popularity of the console. He believes that by 2012 Nintendo could have sold 100m Wii's around the world.

"Around 80 per cent of Wii consoles are in family living rooms. The company has managed to embed the system in people's lifestyles."

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Husso4667d ago


only a weather man ohh i mean analyst could be dumb enough to believe that.

kiddy box will be dead in 09, wtf do these idiots see sustaining the momentum it has no big games for any real gamer to want and the casual soccer mons will get bored fast and find a new fad.

Kyur4ThePain4667d ago

But I think it will do fine for quite some time.

It has been selling like crazy with no real big games behind it. People tend to hear about this and I think that is a big driving factor in the buying decision. The thought is that it MUST be great because it's selling so well. Before I get accused of anything - I am not saying the Wii is bad, just that sales are driven by sales, if you know what I mean.

Cryxen4667d ago

I would say it would die soon, seeing as third party games aren't selling.

I mean you would think people would be sick of mario wonderland sunshine tournament kart 5 feat. sonic.... but these people just lap it up.

I can't freakin explain it.

BrianC62344667d ago

I can't believe the hype for this piece of crap hasn't died yet. Too bad so many fools spend money on this garbage. Well, not on the games at least. Why would anyone waste their money on an old console? At least buy a PS2 instead. It has hundreds of great games. The Wii, not so much.

I think the hype will die soon though. Wii owners aren't buying games at all. Third party developers will dump it soon. Can you say Gamecube?

Cwalat4667d ago

these are the same analysts that said "including bluray in PS3 was a mistake"


Pachter is the only one i can agree with, "wii will do well for 2 years, after that the PS3 will probably take over the market"

LanRanger4666d ago

You can keep saying nobody is buying Wii software, but it's not true. Wii software is outselling PS3 software by more than 2-1. Even third party software on the Wii is outselling PS3 software by 33% (31m to 23m copies). NPD attach rate shows the Wii attach rate at 3.86 vs. 4.01 for the Wii, so it's not far behind in that area, either. Disagree if you want, but do the research yourself if you don't believe me.

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Husso4667d ago

nintendo fanboys will buy the same shiet over and over again thats why Mario sales, but compare Mario sales to waggle crap like wii sports or play and its a sales failure.

Soccer mons don't care about games, they just want the gimmicks.

Nin fanboys will buy millions of Mario or Super Smash bros and MArio cart but thats all, all 3rd party games will be sales failures.

EZCheez4667d ago

And I can see why it's selling like crazy. It's a lot of factors really, but I think the biggest is that Nintendo shows off their product as being kid-friendly.

Parents eat stuff like the Wii up every day and I can see why from a personal perspective. Parents will do anything to get what their kids want, as long as what their kids want is reasonable, and the Wii hits the mark in every way possible.

As sub-par as the graphics are, and as horrible as the third-party games end up, the Wii will still sell. Nintendo will win this generation and anyone that doesn't give them props for what they've done is a fool. More people are playing video games. That's the bottom line people. It doesn't get any simpler than that. Mind you, this is all from a Playstation fan.

In the end, what i'm trying to say is that if my kids were old enough to play video games, I would rather them have a Wii than the other two, and that's purely from a parental standpoint.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

but it throws ALOT of kids off that are use to gaming.

but yeah, i agree 1/ usual.

except for winning this gen.

everthing your sayin is in THIS moment, there gonna need something serious in 2009, to win.

bubbles for having the name EZCHEEZ. lol

Husso4667d ago

Sorry bud but not many more people are playing videogames.

PS2 did 120 million so unless kiddy box does more you cant really say its bringing in many "new" people.

And the soccer moms they aren't playing games, just look at software sales they play wii sports and thats it, nothing else even a great game like Metroid struggled to break 1 million in sales on a user base of 20 freaking million.

IntelligentAj4667d ago

Agree EZ. I can't understand why the Wii sells the way it does, but I have no doubt that it will continue at the same clip. EZ where did you get that avatar?

BrianC62344667d ago

I know someone who has a friend with a Wii. They said it was fun at parties. For a while. Then everyone got bored of it and no more Wii. I don't know a single gamer who has bought one though. I guess I just know smarter gamers maybe. The Wii is for casual gamers. But casual gamers don't buy games. Great plan Nintendo. Sell a console to people who aren't gamers.

LanRanger4666d ago

It's better than Sony's plan to sell games to people who don't buy consoles. Wii software sales leave PS3 software sales in the dust. You'll disagree, but you'll still be wrong.

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Iceman100x4667d ago

Don't you think 2012 is too far ahead to be predicting anything like that, and if anything they way it is now it will be far above that way before 2010.

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