New Leaked 2 Days 2 Vegas Screenshot

PSU poster NoUseMercenar writes:

I want to let you to let you know that when these screens and videos were taken when the game was only at 50% complete. The developer said that the Ambient Filter has been turned off, so thats why some of these screenshots may look flat. He said that there will be tons of graphical improvements before the game releases....this is just an early look

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LightningPS34667d ago

the most anticipated "GTA clone"

It sucks when you're a clone, but when you're not even the # 1 clone, it really sucks.

zambrota4667d ago

the no 1 clone is Getaway which will be as big as GTA 4 if not BIGGER.

trust me this game will sell in huge quantities

Skerj4667d ago

I hope the next Getaway is better than the last few (AND Gangs of London). They ALWAYS have awesome graphics, story, and voice acting. But poor shooting, car physics, and almost everything else. I hope the London studio gets all of that in check this time around. That said, if this is ingame 8 days if freaking GORGEOUS and if it plays as well as it looks it'll be a hit.

sonarus4667d ago

agreed. i plan to get getaway and gta doubt am gonna be gettign 2days to vegas but we'll see.

poos34667d ago

saints row is the only gta clone that came close the getaway was not even close it flopped major and is nothing like gta

Iron Man 24667d ago

poos3(the only POS here is you),The Getaway on the PS3 looks superb and The Getaway on the PS2 was a great game that I enjoyed playing last gen,your just jeaulous cuz your precious Xbox 360 isn't getting it:P

Anyways,damn we PS3 owners are in for a real treat,GTA IV,Saints Row 2,The Getaway,and now 2 Days 2 Vegas and many others?WOW!:D

socomnick4667d ago

Dude fanboism and all aside the getaway games sucked. I dont understand how you guys could even state that the getaway will sell more than gta 4.

Skerj4667d ago

But no one said The Getaway would sell more than GTA4. ..

Lex Luthor4667d ago

Dude, the getaway is a terrible series. I had both games and apart from voice acting, both games were utter crap.

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Sevir044667d ago

leave it to a disgrubtled fankid.... anywho on topic, the screen looks great. The ambilight filter looks great... and it seems to be in over the shoulder veiw verses just being in a plain 3rd person... so this Sandbox game might do something alittle different... i hope it has some sort of cover system... sandbox games haven't ventured to those lenghts before... all in all it looks great... ^^ i cant wait to see it's unveiling ^^ 2 days to vegas looks interesting to say the least, with it being unveiled this week then we can say that the game will be greatly shown at either GDC08, Sony Gamer's Day 08 and surely for E308. ^^ i cant wait for it.

Rybnik4667d ago

That looks amazing...and plausibly in-game. Quite a bit better looking than R6V. I really wonder what the graphics engine is...maybe we'll find out when NoUseMerc gives us the story on Mon. I can't wait!

NoUseMerc4667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

Its NoUseMercenary, not NoUseMercenar. Anyways, yeah you guys will get more on Monday with screenshots and then to prove that the screens are in-game I will be posting the first gameplay of the title along with tech demos to show the technology involved in the title.

zambrota4667d ago

since you can get in touch with the devs

Cyrus3654667d ago

My bad on the user name, I tried to update it last minute. But it was too late.

Rybnik4667d ago

Go to the site that screen links to, NoUseMerc explains the deal.

NoUseMerc4667d ago

I can't say 100% if its PS3 and PC only. Last January they said that they were looking at the Xbox 360, but then at GDC their comments through me to believe that they were more interested in the PS3.

They really have been tight lipped until now, and haven't said much in terms of details. So as soon as I can confirm it I will.

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ngg123454667d ago

Target render, this looks like junk.

Rybnik4667d ago

Please don''t troll, the game is 50% done.

RIPHDDVD4667d ago

bashing the game because it might not appear on 360 HAHAHAHAHA! this looks MILES better than GTAIV

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