Xbox 360 ban struggle in US could drive up prices - legal expert

A recent US judge's recommendation that certain Xbox 360 models be banned from import to America is "unlikely" to pass into law, a legal expert has told OXM, but Microsoft's on-going patents battle with Motorola may lead to higher prices for consumers.

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GraveLord2344d ago

360 is overdue for a price cut.
With this Microsoft may actually end up increasing the price instead....

Pushagree2344d ago (Edited 2344d ago )

The 360 should have been banned in 2006 when it was discovered that RROD's 52% failure rate existed. That is too high for industry standards and a multi-billion dollar company should not be allowed to get away with such a cheaply made product. It needed a recall and all it got was a warranty to repair it with the same broken parts and then count it as a sale.

MS has had this coming for too long. The Xbox deserves to get banned, even if it is for a different reason than stated.

AO1JMM2344d ago

^^^ LOL What???

What a completely lame statement.

ALLWRONG2344d ago

Pushagree take that tin foil hat off, it makes your comment full of false fail. I understand you're desperate but... damn.

KMCROC542344d ago

Do you even know what caused RROD or just spewing shit,to sound like you know. cause if not STFU

Prince_Dim-Lu2344d ago

LOL.. just goes to show how this site is. This pushagree troll gets 12 agrees and 7 disagrees for saying that the Xbox 360 deserves to be banned. A game console deserves to be banned.. ya that's it. *rolls eyes*

Then the guy who says that what he says is a lame statement, gets 4 agrees and 11 disagrees. :D LMAO.. this site!

I guess the PS2 deserved to be banned too for DRE, and my NES for making me have to blow it to work. What? Ya, well, either that or the cartridge is getting blown on to work. =)

Pushagree2344d ago

The agrees I have come from people who don't live in a bubble and know when people are stating facts. The fact that the xbox 360 had a 54% failure rate for the majority of it's console lifespan is a verifiable fact that you can easily find out from a quick google search.
Comparing RROD to any other faulty feature in a console is also just as silly as those who deny the RROD. Those faults were fixed within months of discovery. RROD was only fixed when the slim model came out, 4 YEARS into the 360's lifespan. MS cheaped out on thier product in order to release it a year early. They didnt care about quality, they just cared about sales. This to me is despicable and deserves some sort of punitive measure to prevent it from ever happening again. MS has been able to pull the wool over thier fanbases eyes for too long and it's about time the TRUTH is known. Both in the faulty console they made and the clear copyright infringement they are facing now.

nukeitall2344d ago (Edited 2344d ago )


This site is heavily Sony/PS3 biased so no surprise there. Fact of the matter is that the Xbox 360 got an unprecedented 3-year warranty, and all repair cost refunded. When the PS2 had Disc Read Errors, consumers got nothing for years. A lawsuit ended in a settlement years later. So what you got was an expensive paperweight PS2 and $40 refund if you still had the receipt.

It really puts it in perspective.

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KILLERAPP2344d ago

This BS has got to stop. First it was Apple and Samsung, then Sony and LG and now MS and Motorola. Where does this BS end?

Patriots_Pride2344d ago

As long as technology is around this will never end.

I predict that the world will have a nuclear fall out because of corporation going tech power hungry.

You will have to choose a side being it Apple, Google, MS....... and the company that has the most advance tech will be the top dogs while the others will try to take that power from the top dogs.

Hellsvacancy2344d ago (Edited 2344d ago )

Does anybody remember the awful film Jason X? http://mutantreviewers.file...

Well, theres a bit in it when some dude is talking about the Microsoft Wars he says "I've seen worse than this. You should have been there for the Microsoft wars, we were beating each other to death with our own limbs."

I dunno why i thought of that all of a sudden

justpassinggas2344d ago

Apparently, Microsoft is completely to blame for this. They stopped paying for the patents that they continued to use in their devices.

If a company patents something, anyone that wants to use it in a commercial manner has to pay for the use of the patent. Microsoft was paying but stopped.

Anon19742344d ago

Exactly. The patents aren't in dispute. Microsoft was paying to use them for years. They just suddenly decided that they were paying too much and simply stopped altogether. I used this before, but it's kinda like if a renter moved in, paid rent for a couple of years and then decided that rent was too high so he'd quit paying but continue to live there in the meantime.

The judge already commented that the whole thing was arrogant and profit driven, and Motorola showed in court that the costs they charge for their patents are in keeping with industry standards. Obviously, they don't want to ban imports of the 360, they want to be paid what's owed, but how do you force a company as big as Microsoft to do something it doesn't want to? You get the courts involved and hit em where it hurts.

Hicken2344d ago

It's amazing how difficult that is for some people around here to understand.

All they hear is that Motorola wants more money out of Microsoft than they charge everybody else, and suddenly Motorola's in the wrong and Microsoft shouldn't have to pay.

Soldierone2344d ago (Edited 2344d ago )

@above the rent thing actually happens with business. Biggest example, OCC Choppers. They had that big fancy building, rent skyrocketed, so they stopped paying and said they went bankrupt to lower the price of rent.

At the end of the day you get to choose. Kick them out of the building and lose their sales tax and try to find a suitable business to fill the building, or lower the price of rent.

I don't know if MS was trying something similar here? "Fine we won't pay at all until you lower prices."

TheRealHeisenberg2344d ago (Edited 2344d ago )

I usually don't agree with blatant MS haters like darkride66 (and a few others apparently) but I will make another exception in this case. I'm not going to bother looking it up but if what you posted here is true then MS should have to pay what is owed and then some.

IHateYouFanboys2344d ago (Edited 2344d ago )

Microsoft isnt to blame, Motorola/Google are.

The patents that Motorola own that microsoft are using, related to H.264 playback, are what are known as "standards" patents, meaning that in order for a device to meet the standards required of it, it has to use those patents. there is an agreement that all standards related patents must be made available at a reasonable (and cheap) price, since they are an industry standard. they must be offered on a FRAND (fair, reasonable, and nondiscriminatory) basis.

there are something like 1300 patents related to H.264 playback. motorola own something like 100 of them. the companies that own 1200 of the 1300 patents all charge a few cents per patent, because of the FRAND policy. motorola however, want something like $25 PER PATENT. it is a clear breach of the FRAND policy, and there is no doubt that it will be found that way in court.

Motorola/Google are the bad guys here, not microsoft. microsoft stopped paying because legally the patents should be a tiny fraction of what motorola are charging, and microsoft HAS to use the patents in order to meet standards that are required of any devices they release. so it was either not release any hardware, or release it and let the court find in their favour later anyway. they chose the smart option, as they will win in court.

but alas, this is N4PS3G so its always microsoft are the bad guy.

shoddy2344d ago

Rule are rule. I guess apple not suppose to sue Samsung.
But watch American politic will ignore the law and not ban MS.

KMCROC542344d ago

Its not just about patents its about certain FRAND patents. here some insight to the matter

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DivineAssault 2344d ago

Just sell all your xboxs now before they burn out on u... PS3 will last & has everything xbox does (thats good) plus more! MANY MORE games.. Free online too.. blu ray player! (i should work for sony) It only does everything RIGHT! Sony... Make Believe.. Play Stashon

Chuk52344d ago

A highly intelligent contribution to the topic.

*rolls eyes into mouth*

aviator1892344d ago

Why would we sell the Xbox 360's we currently have? The ban will not make the ownership of an Xbox 360 illegal, just the ability to sell the consoles.

DivineAssault 2343d ago

OH relax guys im just screwing around.. I have the oversized paper weight too.. I just dont pay for xbl anymore or play much of anything else on it eigher.. Some games do run better on it i must admit but i just like PS library of exclusives.. I dont like Halo or Gears

SignifiedSix2344d ago

Lol keep dreaming buddy. The ps3 can't even do YouTube in HD or send voice messages. Doesn't have x-game chat. Many Xbox owners wouldn't buy it just for that reason besides HD YouTube. If I were to sell my 360, I'd get the next best thing. A PC!

SlyFoxC2344d ago

@signifiedsix i have both consoles so i really dont care what people say...but the ps3 can do Youtube in HD......

shoddy2344d ago

Yes it can and movie streaming website.

ALLWRONG2344d ago

oh look! more false fail! Why don't you just copy and paste your pro PS3 comment/ad and post them in all Xbox news? oh wait

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Soldierone2344d ago

Honestly Motorola sucks, dunno why they have to many patents, but really crappy products. Every single Motorola phone I've had broke within the contract period, my latest one (A droid whatever) broke 4 times, and now I have a Sony Ericson that is still working perfectly after a year. Every headset, microphone, anything with Motorola tagged on it has broke on me. Not once have I had a good experience with them.

Yes Microsoft was stupid to stop paying the patents, but at the same time I hope something gets done. I've seen it several times. Somehow a company gets the patent in America and other big countries, then in another country a different company gets the patent.....and doesn't do anything with it, but then continues to sue anyone that tries.

AO1JMM2344d ago

Motorola should be banned for making crappy phones!

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