Rock Band song price to increase by end of month reports if you're a fan of Rock Band, you probably have until the end of the month to take advantage of their US$ 0.99 per song price tag. According to Paul DeGooyer, MTV Senior VP of home entertainment, the price will only be available for a limited time and will become US$ 2 by the end of the month.

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Darkiewonder4833d ago

Limited time deal they do not understand.

Cyrus3654833d ago

Guess they want to make more money, even though they made enough already at .99 cents, which was good deal.

Relcom4833d ago (Edited 4833d ago )

So you pay 180$ for a GAME and some very defective instruments. Then you have to pay 2$ per song to add more music? Sorry no thanks. WEAK

Like they are not making enough at 1$ per song. Oh well i guess. People will buy it so why not i guess.

Cyrus3654833d ago

I agree, There getting greedy... They made already 2.5 M on just DLC alone (At 99 cents), now they want to make more.

Koneesha4833d ago

Well its only for 5 songs. all the rest are already 1.99. It was like that since the begining . They only did the 99 cents for christmas.

xplosneer4833d ago

Don't start talking to me about defecive instruments in Guitar Hero....

Oh, and the Guitar Hero songs are like 6.25 for 3 with no individual songs anyways.

Hagaf224833d ago

you obviously havent played the game, ive gone through 4 guitars and still enjoy the game, buying songs for 2 bucks isnt bad seeing that i get to enjoy more than just listening to them, i get to play them. why spend 100 on gh when for 70 bucks more you get drums and mic and the ability to play with 4 people? rb blows gh out of the water.

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sa_nick4833d ago

This was always their plan. Have it cheap as a special price for the first month then bring it back to normal after that time.

I also noticed the article didnt mention that new cheap songs will be coming out soon.

RecSpec4833d ago

That you would have to pay for a cover. In GH or RB. But yeah nothing new, this was always planned. I just hope Activision gets on the ball soon, they are losing the DLC battle. I would love to buy Rock Band, but not worth it. I'd be playing single player most of the time.

xplosneer4833d ago

At least 2 of the $0.99 songs are originals.

RecSpec4833d ago

I meant overall. To me ONE cover is ridiculous, at least you can buy them separately. Damn you Activision

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The story is too old to be commented.