Video game glorifies bullying, say critics

A violent new video game which is set in a school and encourages players to act out assaults on pupils and teachers has been condemned by anti-bullying campaigners and teaching unions.

The game, called Bully, features a shaven-headed pupil who torments fellow students and teachers at his school.

Critics said the game was "glorifying" school bullying and called for it to be banned.

The PC World and Currys chain of stores said it had already decided not to stock the game. A spokesman said: "We don't think this is suitable for sale in our stores. We are careful about what we sell and this is something we have decided not to list."

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LightningPS34662d ago

I though you played as the Bully at first but you actually get bullied and you fight back.

I bought it for PS2 long ago, sold it in a matter of days. Wasn't even as cool as it sounded. This game is about as vulgar as the movie "How to eat fried worms"

It's a lot more kid like that you even expect. This doesn't even qualify as teen growin pains, this is more like Kindergarden growing pains.

It's not even rated M, probably doesn't even deserve the TEEN rating it got.