CES 2008: Winners & Losers

Another trip to Las Vegas has gone by and CES-goers have seen a glimpse into the near and distant future of the consumer electronics industry. Clearly slim was in this year, with several manufacturers showing off concepts of super slim plasmas and LCD TVs. What impressed the most at the show and what companies will be wishing CES had never happened?

Trusted Reviews lists the winners and losers of CES 2008.

Author: Andy Vandervell
Published: 20th January 2008

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Real Gambler4668d ago

The guy said: "HD-DVD discs, particularly those from Warner Brothers, are better featured and cheaper"

Cheaper? In my country, HD-DVD disk have always been more expensive than BluRay disk, by about $2 to $4 each!

Is there a country where HD-DVD disks are cheaper than BluRay???

Bathyj4668d ago

I think they mean the players are cheaper. I've never seen a disk cheaper either and its well known the combo disk's are more.


mikeslemonade4667d ago

Dating back to TGS 06 Sony has won every conference against Nintendo and Microsoft thus far. GDC 08 will be no different with Microsoft and Nintendo both under-deliver and Sony will have a good enough showing to please everyone. This is the one year aniversary of Home and LittleBig planet. Expect some good news about HOme and LBP coming GDC.

dexterwang4668d ago

Coming from the owner of both formats, PS3 + 360 drive, I'm glad blu-ray won and that blu-ray had a great CES showing

There is no doubt HDDVD currently has more features, and with the same video quality, it is the superior format as of now. BUT my support lies with Blu-ray, mainly due to the fact that a new format has to become the successor to DVDs as a computer storage medium sometime in the near future... and I'd take the 25 gigs over 15 gigs any day (forget dual/triple layers... DL-DVDs has shown its not cost effective even after all this time). Morever, the features offered on HDDVDs will soon become a standard on BDs as well.

I'm sure blu-ray will drop in price and will start to become a standard in PCs and burners will roll out at bargain prices... certainly can't wait for that day!

RIP HDDVD... I'll bury you nicely besides my betamax... or maybe I'll just wrap it and send it to someone I don't like