Advance Wars: Days of Ruin Review

Gamertell reviews Nintendo's much publicized Advance Wars: Days of Ruin, declaring it one of the must-have games for 2008 (a nice way to start the year, eh?)

According to the review, Days of Ruin is a unique and "incredibly entertaining" addition to the series with a "more realistic representation of warfare." The game's best two features are the map creation and Nintendo WiFi Connection compatibility.

The writer also notes that it doesn't have all of the special features of previous Advance Wars titles yet it still manages to be a phenomenal game.

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v1c1ous4667d ago

that's a special feature

R M Spender4667d ago

iam happy for a bit of a change, its looking perfect!

djt234667d ago

i know i am getting this game all ready

RecSpec4667d ago

After playing Dual Strike, I was thinking that this series needed to go in a different direction. I guess I wasn't hip enough to see why Jake was so cool. Although it seems that no one from the old games will make an appearance (War Room maybe?) But I am getting this on day one. Been waiting for a reason to take DQJ out of my DS.

SolidSnake934667d ago

Getting this game. Advance Wars FTW