Guru brought in to console SCi's shareholders

The Daily Telegraph, Mark Kleinman and Emma Thelwell, 19/01/2008

The struggling SCi Entertainment is drafting in an industry veteran as an attempts to transform the company's ailing fortunes.

Juergen Goeldner, a former executive at Funsoft, is expected to be confirmed this week as the interim chief operating officer at SCi, which on Friday saw its chairman Tim Ryan oust founder and chief executive Jane Cavanagh along with her husband, the managing director Bill Ennis.

SCi chairman Tim Ryan said on Friday that the company board has commenced a root-and-branch review of the company's strategy and will report back to shareholders on their findings and recommendations.

Parts of the firm could be closed or sold off under the review, which is due to conclude by the end of February. SCi is also in talks with potential investors to plug a projected £30 million shortfall.

Analysts have suggested SCi's costly US publishing arm should be sold or shut down, as should some of the under-performing games studios. Such moves could lead to job cuts among the group's 900-strong work force.

SCi has struggled ever since it backed the wrong horse in the games console market last year. Failing to anticipate Nintendo Wii's success, it poured its resources into developing too many games for Sony's Playstation 3 instead.

The group's shares plummeted in August after it admitted sales had suffered from Sony's bungled launch of the PS3, and revealed it would take a hit of at least £14 million as a result.

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Anego Montoya FTMFW4667d ago

that`s probaly the best question.

Bibto4667d ago

Tomb Raider (?) and .....

Omegasyde4666d ago

"The group's shares plummeted in August after it admitted sales had suffered from Sony's bungled launch of the PS3, and revealed it would take a hit of at least £14 million as a result..."

Yet SCi never released a PS3 game Wtf? This statement makes no sense.

Skerj4666d ago

Um if I'm not mistaken, the only game released by an SCI group member on PS3 was Kane and Lynch and that was published by Eidos and developed by Io. The rest have yet to be released as of now. So maybe I'm getting something wrong, or I can't see something the "guru" has but that's one game. the few that they've already done for Wii. Yes PS3 Kane and Lynch was the source of all your problems, didn't have anything to do with poor games (Escape From Bug Island anyone?).

pswi604666d ago (Edited 4666d ago )

here is an article from 3/2007 that states this:

"» SCi/Eidos Will Limit PS3 Games Until 2008

UK game publisher SCi (who publishes until the Eidos name) has released their interim financial numbers for the first half of their fiscal year (which ended Dec. 31 2006). In their results, SCi stated that while they believe Sony's Playstation 3 will be a major force in the market they also state their won't be many PS3 games for a while. Here is a snip:

Sci: However, as we do not believe that the installed base will be high enough until the second half of our 2008 financial year, most of our major product releases on the PlayStation 3 platform are not scheduled before that date."

So what they are saying is they lost money due to not developing any ps3 games since launch because the install base was too why not develop on pc, 360, and wii, and have your ports ready for ps3? Or what about the 130 million seller ps2?

Seems to me like these guys sat around waiting for Sony to print money for don't get ahead in business sitting around waiting for the market to become ready; there are plenty of games for all systems that create their own market due to the high quality of the product (gears, halo3, bioshock, motorstorm, uncharted, resistance, etc...)

Maddens Raiders4666d ago

Maybe they should've picked up the phone and asked Ted Price how things are going a maybe read some more books on how to properly run a business. You don't sit back on your laurels waiting for things to happen to you, you plan for counterstrikes in case things happen or plans melt away. You have to be agile and adapt to change or else you will fail and that's exactly what SCi is doing. Get with the times people.

Kyur4ThePain4666d ago

If anyone has a list of the games they released that were affected by "Sony's bungled launch of the PS3", I would appreciate it.

darkside4666d ago

why the Fcuk are they blaming Sony for this $hit? if any thing they should blame them self for Kane and Lynch !!! i wonder what other games they made for ps3??

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