Interesting Comments from Phil Harrison?

This is good news for PS3, according to reports Motorstorm looks like "one of the most visually stunning games ever seen on a home console". 1080p or not that's still a great compliment to the PS3....but Phil had some interesting comments to add. I don't claim to know exactly what he meant but it definitely makes you wonder.

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DJ5845d ago

I'm gonna have to sit on that comment for a while...

calderra5845d ago

Just to pin the whole comment to the top of the comments:

On the topic of the PlayStation 3 and 1080p support, Sony corporate director Phil Harrison told us that while 1080p was important, it should only be implemented "when appropriate." He also added that "some games actually look better at 720p."

I would think that's official confirmation of how much horsepower 1080p drains from the unit, making it impractical for many titles.

1080p sucks. For both PS3 and 360- neither unit has enough power to pull off that resolution yet, and neither of them should be bothering with it.

bernie5845d ago

I love the look of Motorstorm, nice graphical effects but the game itself runs so slowly. It's not slowdown, it is meant to run at that speed but it's just too slow. IGN even commented on it in their preview.

The PS3 Devil may cry also has the same slow speed (especially on the flaming end of level boss), I wonder if its the blueray drive to ps3 memory transfer that causes it? The games look really nice, I just wish they ran at a faster speed.

HyperBear5845d ago

Well if he says most of the games work better on 720p, like the 360, then i picked a pretty good tv then. This is SWEET. No need to worry about a new tv after i just bought one last week. Thank God Sony and M$.

OutpostCommand5845d ago

Well, to agrue back, he didnt say most.
He said a few.
Bernie...are you sure ? 60FPS is pretty fast for me.
Oh, and Bear, enjoy your new TV !

achira5845d ago

i proud to be going an owner of the most sophisticated hardware ever created for consumer markt !!!!!!!

uuuunvnv25845d ago

you must be going to get a 360 today...good for you. make sure to get GRAW and pre-order GOW :)

HiSpeedSoldier615844d ago

Stop acting stupid!

Xbox 360, most sophisticated hardware ever created. Dream on Fanboy!

uuuunvnv25844d ago

why in the world do you ps fanboys get your panties in a bunch when someone says something that doesnt make sony look like god. ITS A DAMN BOX, not a girl with big boobs, and a nice butt. calm down, neither of the 2 are the most sophisticated hardware ever created.

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The story is too old to be commented.