Activision Support Exposes Email Addresses Of Guitar Hero Owners

Kotaku reports that upset gamers who had their personal e-mails exposed to the hundreds, possibly thousands, of recipients of a customer service update from Activision on Guitar Hero III issues.

In just one of the e-mails that was forwarded to us, an impressive 860 recipient e-mail addresses were listed in the mail's 'To' field, ensuring that all who received updates on their replacement discs for the Wii version of Guitar Hero III had access to the e-mail addresses of the rest.

That's potentially bad news for consumers, who may have had their personal e-mail information sent to others, opening them up to heavy spamming. It may also be bad news for Activision, as the e-mail blasts may violate the company's online Privacy Policy.

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btkadams4669d ago (Edited 4669d ago )

wow.. activision sure hates their consumers. first they blocked the patch for ps3 gh3 guitars to work with ps3 rock band, and now theyve sent out all their personal emails? someone over at blizzard is shifting in their seat right now.

Cyrus3654669d ago

Guess when your #1 publisher in 07, you can do whatever you want! ;)