Quicksave - Turok PS3 Demo Impressions

Quicksave writes:

"I did not own an Nintendo 64, thus the Turok series is somewhat of a mystery to me. I know what the games were about on a features and description basis, but if you were to ask me about the Turok experience - I would give you a blank stare. Fortunately, the latest instalment of Turok is supposed to be a reboot of the franchise and my lack of Turok nostalgia may actually benefit my view of Propoganda Games' take on the famed franchise. I downloaded the 1.3 GB demo from the PSN store last night and after spending some time with it I have got to say I was right with my intial thoughts of the game; good, but not great."

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heroman7114663d ago

demo wasnt special. after 5 minutes of walking in a dark cave with no flashlight i quit the game and played orange box. i most likely will not buy this game

alfredoggy4663d ago

I am so disappointed with this DEMO. I hope the final game is better (i really doubt it). It's just horrible; reminiscent of that other awful game Jericho. Total trash.

Amnesiac4663d ago

if you couldnt get out of the cave in that demo than you SUCK

Adamalicious4663d ago

I think there's a strong possibility that it's not a matter of whether he could get out but whether he could be bothered - I know I couldn't. That demo suuuuuuucks. I can't think of anything that I didn't dislike about it. My top most hated item is easy though - the obnoxious monologuing of your afraid-of-the-dark squad mate.

I really don't get why a developer would bother to put out a demo that ensures that I won't buy, rent, or recommend their game.

Bubble Buddy4662d ago

doggy ure right. reminds me of jericho, at least jericho was better, ammo was too little. knife was pretty gey. I thought it'd be like Jurassic park, but no it wasn't. it was horrible. stopped playing after we met that sniper dude.

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Whoooop4663d ago

seriously... Unreal or not this game doesn't look impressive at all.

Just another FPS with a knife addition which is cool when you get the special kills with it. Apart from that, way too generic.

LJWooly4663d ago

Hey, I got this pic from you when you posted it once, were you the one who made it?

macalatus4663d ago (Edited 4663d ago )


Wood relayed it to me, though I missed the original Whoop posting! Nearly fell to the floor laughing after seeing that pic!

No, I MEANT when you first posted that laugh-out pic (Wood PSN e-mailed one to me after getting it from you, but I missed the FIRST time you posted that). You're doing a fine good job as you are right now!! And yes, very few objective 360 fans.

Whoooop4663d ago

just a bit of fun...

@ Macalatus

haha yeah I used to post thought out comments, but with so many fanboys in this site trolling and some of them even trying to be give rational comments by posting pure crap, I decided it was useless.

I'm going try and be like before because some people on this site actually deserve reasonable discussion.

Too bad that most of them are ironically PS3 fans or fan of both consoles.

You rarely see an objective 360 fan in this site.

LJWooly4663d ago (Edited 4663d ago )

Yeah, the pic is pure gold, I gave you bubbles for it being so damn funny!

Macalatus, you got bubbles for your comment below:

"you people who didn't get past cave level are stupid, the afterwards is fun action filled and tight"

"I don't know why, but there is something wrong...and naughty about that sentence! ;-) "

Excellent humour, both of you.

alster234663d ago


wheres zhuk in that pic?

macalatus4663d ago


Thanks for the bubble, LJWooly (bubble to you too)! Unfortunately, me being the worst enemy of *some* people from the other side, getting my 6th bubble back again will be tough...but then again that will help dampen against someone trying to pop my 5th bubble! ;-)

Whoooop4663d ago (Edited 4663d ago )

Like I wrote before..

Zhuk is a gimmick... He ain't a real xbot like the others


edit: macalatus

haha Now I understand.. a lot of people replied laughing that first time... you missed that epic event hehe

JasonPC360PS3Wii4663d ago

I like that pic to it was funny, but I like these more though :)

Iron Man 24663d ago (Edited 4663d ago )

Jason 3sh*tty,that G*ystation PWND your precious Xbox last gen,and the PS3 will PWN the Xbox 3sh*tty again this gen,we'll see who finishes in third place,and it won't be the Nintendo Wii and especially not the PS3:P

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jackdoe4663d ago

I agree. Game doesn't look particularly special. I mean, do we need another generic Sci-Fi shooter?

chrno64663d ago

I think the demo is alright. The team ai is pretty dumb though, as they often just stand there doing nothing while u are fighting against the nme.

Amnesiac4663d ago

No, what dumb is spelling enemy like that.

Go back to school.

Genesis54663d ago

Walked aroud in the dark for about 10 min Heard I,m leaving your ass behind one to many times said fine I,m turning you off. Click,Delete.

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