PS3 XMB playing Live Encrypted TV via TVersity media streamer

The DNLA power of the PS3 shines through in many ways. Heres another exclusive feature showing live encrypted tv playing via TVersity on the XMB.

You can even remotely change channel using an IR extender or via the PS3 browser

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heyheyhey4667d ago

man did anyone watch the video? that was some retarded television- why don't people just watch porno instead?

anyway this is very cool- TVersity is great

Skerj4667d ago

Man if they somehow get this to record to the hard drive, freaking epic win of all.

WeaseL4667d ago

When I change channel on sky I get the channel preview at the bottom.
This is obviously fake.
I wish it was true .

mingeeta4667d ago

this is not fake as it does not use the sky box to stream from. the sky box isnt a dnla server, it uses other methods!

Regret4667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )


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The story is too old to be commented.