Requiem: Bloodmare Trailer - Where's The Blood?

Gravity Interactive have released the official trailer for their upcoming "M" rated horror themed MMO Requiem: Bloodymare. Although still excited about this title, Gaming Today are a bit disappointed that the trailer does not depict the blood and gore they have promised. The screenshots they sent last week looked so promising - full of decapitations, fountains of blood gushing forth from your foes, scantily clad drowish looking creatures, and disgusting monsters hell-bent on devouring your person. Why in the world did they not show this in the trailer? There is hardly anything shown in this video that warrants and "M" rating - you see tons of magic and hit effects flying about, and maybe once in a while a few blood droplets hit the camera - but that is it. Instead of a gratuitous blood soaked fightfest we get a video that is a bit blurry, the colors are washed out and the action happens so fast that one can scarcely blink lest something is missed.

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moses4661d ago

Another Generic MMO, this genre really needs a gameplay revamp, badly.

ElfShotTheFood4661d ago

Every time I see this game's name I get briefly excited, momentarily thinking it's a sequel to Requiem: Avenging Angel.

Then I remember that it's another Korean MMORPG grindfest and I get sad. :(