New Tales of Destiny: Director´s Cut trailer

Namco Bandai published a new Tales of Destiny: Director´s Cut trailer. The game will be released on January 31 in Japan.

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chrno64662d ago

Bring it over to NA dammit.

SaiyanFury4662d ago

I really REALLY wish they'd bring this to North America. The original on PS1 was one of my favourite RPGs of all time, introducing me to the excellent Tales of series. I have my fingers crossed...

WilliamRLBaker4662d ago

They need to bring it here but they wont...becuase the japanese are idiotically nationalistic and cater to they're people only its sad really they could make a nice lil bit of cash from america but are too stupid to do that.

I would personally buy this..infact im gonna download it illegally if it dont come here.