Five Games to Cool Down With

After a long, frustrating, or intense gameplay session with your favorite shooter or action game, sometimes you need to take a break and cool down a bit from the rush. Where can you turn? Cassidee from Leviathyn.com gives us five games to help you cool off.

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"Universal Pinball: TV Classics Pack" for "Pinball FX" Review \\ paulsemel

Like the shows that inspired it, the virtual pinball tables in "Universal Pinball: TV Classics Pack" for "Pinball FX" — "Xena: Warrior Princess," "Knight Rider," and "Battlestar Galactica" — are a lot of fun.

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rpad3d ago

hopefully the Xena board has lots of yodeling sounds


Pacific Rim Pinball comes to Pinball FX

This could be fun as they make great tables. Go big or go extinct. Prime your senses for a neural handshake and step into the cockpit of a Jaeger. It is on you to cancel the apocalypse when Pacific Rim Pinball comes to Pinball FX on May 16.


Review: System Shock Pinball is one of the best licensed tables ever - Entertainium

With System Shock Pinball, Zen Studios’ treatment of Nightdive’s critical darling remake of one of gaming’s all-time classic horror games is easily one of the best tables to ever grace Pinball M and Pinball FX.

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