First Working screens of PS3 Megabox MediaCentre in action

Update: here are some images taken running at 720p HDMI using option 3 on the petitboot loader. They offer up some of the functions of megabox on the ps3. Primarily these images show the boot up for petitboot, image browsing/selection, and movie browsing/playback...

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masterg4660d ago

You look more like Bizarro Zhuk than Evil Zhuk.

Ri0tSquad4660d ago

Thats all I needed to hear.

Skerj4660d ago

Hah not exactly a good selling point is it? I'm sure in time this will own, but Sony seems to be expanding the PS3's media capabilities pretty fine on their own so who knows.

decapitator4660d ago

My fears is that, this application might become useless once Home launches. It has happened before with PSP and am sure it will follow the same suit with PS3.

EZCheez4660d ago

I looked over it but didn't get much. Is this an alternative to TVersity?

Merovee4660d ago

It's a stripped down mediacenter app for Linux OS made available for the PS3's outputs which does not even work as well as the XMB itself does as of right now.

peksi4659d ago

If it's based on Freevo then it's DVB receiver / recorder like MythTV or Linux DVR. So you can watch and record digital tv / satellite programs (with usb dvb adapter I presume) aswell as do basic browsing, listen to music, watch your video files, possibly listen to streaming radio etc.

CHRP7184660d ago (Edited 4660d ago )

i would like a design like this for the playstation store. Something like this would make things more organized.

SlCKB0Y4660d ago

I agree 100% psn store layout sucks I think it would be cool if they made the store look like the xmb navigation would be easy for everyone and what is up with the grand turismo hd not being classifed as a demo people
always overlook that.

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