Hands-On With LightCore Skylanders Prism Break, Shroomboom and Eruptor (Wired.com)

Andy Robertson writes: "Rounding up the news from E3, and passed over by many, is the physical figures and gameplay for the LightCore Skylanders figures. These are the first three of the collection of eight figures that will light up when they are on the portal (in addition to the Giants which also have light-up elements)."


Get Skylanders Giants, 20 figurines, 1 Giant figure & 1 weapon for £39.93 (PS3)

Dealspwn writes: This UK site are currently running a 3-for-2 offer on Skylanders Giants figurines and free shipping for orders over £39, and super-savvy HotUKDeals member Genki has worked out a way of getting an absolutely massive haul in time for Christmas so long as you're after the PS3 version.

As detailed in the HUKD post, you'll want to add the following to your basket to make the most of your money:

Skylander Giants Starter Pack (PS3) (3 figures, software etc.)
Skylander Giants Triple Pack A (3 figures)
Skylander Giants Triple Pack C (3 figures)
Skylander Giants Triple Pack E (3 figures)
Skylander Giants Triple Pack F (3 figures)
Skylander Giants Triple Pack G (3 figures)
Skylander Giants Scorpion Striker Battle Pack (2 figures plus weapon)
Skylander Giants: Giant Figure - Hot Head
Skylander Giants: Giant Figure - Swarm
Skylander Giants: Giant Figure - Thumpback

Doing so gets you free shipping and brings down the price to under £40, making this an absolutely amazing Christmas present. You could alternatively add one of the other console versions at a higher cost.

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bggriffiths3512d ago

Some kid is gonna crap his pants on Xmas morning with that deal!


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