Is Apple TV, Xbox Live, and VOD's HD Truly High Definition?

1/19/2008 - Richard Lawler of EngadgetHD writes:

"HD is coming in a lot of forms these days, but ZDNet's George Ou thinks some of them -- like Apple TV, Xbox Live Marketplace, streaming and cable VOD -- don't count. Sure all of these sources are HD resolution, but George's argument is that due to overcompression and low bitrates, they don't compare with 1080p upconverted SD DVDs, much less Blu-ray or HD DVD."

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destroyah4667d ago

If you want true HD, go buy a Blu-ray player.

Everything you download off of Xbox Live is fake HD with badly compressed audio.

season0074667d ago

they really think compression of video can works like magic?
then why wouldn't they just burn this newly compressed video in the D9 dvd and they still could get more space than downloading on web...why blu-ray or HD DVD?

face it...compression aren't magic

LJWooly4667d ago

No, they disagreed with the fact that he said 'fake', most probably.

Also, the audio isn't necessarily badly compressed, Microsoft are usually pretty good when it comes to compression (they basically invented most of the tech), but the fact that the movies are compressed in the first place is what's bad.

I really don't think that downloading movies is a viable alternative to actually buying hard copies of the movies on Blu-ray, at least not until about 10 years...

WilliamRLBaker4667d ago

If done right and using the right codec but really in the end you guys are just saying this because your sonyfanboys...but just watch sony will get their VOD service out...and boom OH MY GOD AMAZING is what your lines will be.
the only one that even gave an reasonable post is LJwooly and hes a confirmed sonyfanboy...but VOD on ps3 comes out and he'll have the same line as you guys, OH MY GOD amazing!

Kyur4ThePain4667d ago

Not sure what you're trying to say.

Yes, compression is pretty "magic" (though is still implies loss of information).

Yes, Sony will get their VOD out.

Yes, it will be convenient (for those movies where absolute quality isn't paramount) and will be liked.

No, it won't replace Blu-Ray disks.

I don't get your point.

jackdoe4667d ago

Takes at least 20gb for true HD and I don't think any place would host downloads of that size.

ar4667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

Actually even the source on an Blu-Ray disc or HD DVD is compressed. There is no way to fit all the information on a 35mm film (don't even bother with 70mm) on today's optical storages.

And HD isn't some form of standard. Wiki for instance defines it as "...[HD]generally refers to any video system of higher resolution than standard-definition (SD) video...".

So yes it's true HD but on the other hand people today seams to be so obsessed with resolution they have totally forgotten that resolution isn't that important. Things like colour saturation, black level and contrast ratio are much more important then resolution for the perceived picture quality.

Consumers today need to be aware that HD doesn't automatically means good picture quality.

I friend of mine and I watched an episode of Top Gear the other day and he thought it was HD when it only was an upscaled Xvid rip (pretty hard compressed to). A real world example that resolution isn't that important.

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TheExecutive4667d ago

its going to be years and years before uncompressed visual and audio downloads become mainstream. Bluray, for now, is the future. It is truly the only viable way to get true hd picture and sound for the time being.

roybatty4667d ago

highly compressed absolute sh1te. You cannot beat a native 1080p blu ray disc for quality. (or HDDVD)
I have seen downloaded movies (xbox 360) TV broadcast HD (nbc, abc, fox etc) Dish network and cable, and although they look OK, they are SH1TE compared to a TRU 1080p signal.

roybatty4667d ago

You cannot change the truth.

DFresh4667d ago

Apple TV is HD it's just not 1080P it's 720P same with Xbox Live and so forth.
The frame rates in motion however do look kinda blobby and the edges don't look quite as sharp but dull.
Even if you have a PS3 that can upgrade your DVD's they may have the same look a like picture in HD but as soon as it comes to motion you'll know a difference. I don't really care I just bought a PS3 for games and the fact that blu-ray came with the console was a terrific thing.

titntin4667d ago

The article is absolutely spot on. People arguing that downloaded HD content is the future and refer to servcies such as Apple Tv as the future, are the kind of people who think a downloaded divx movie for the PC is 'good enough'. If thats all you want, fine, but there a lot of people out there that are like me abnd put a lot of store in real fidelity. For these people, the kind of compromises made to squirt this media through the web pipe, are simply not good enough and they would far rather pay a premium to have far better uncompressed true 1080P and uncompreed audio.
I'm sure there's a market for both, but theres no way that these kind services would ever be considered 'true HD' by any kind of videophile - and that definately includes me..

I Make Stuff Up4667d ago

Even though you have more than enough, I'm upping your bubbles for the perfect sentence right there.

popup4667d ago

Well said,

Instead of just hitting a disagree button, Why not use this opportunity to educate yourselves rather than parade your ignorance.

Bloody hell, we would still be 'burning witches' if some of you lot were let loose ;)

power of Green 4667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

Because HD is considered 720p and up although sound is great I fail to see what that has to do with 720p video!, compressed or not(if it looks HD it is!!!!!! lol.

No one's telling anybody their content is true HD which most people can't even take advatage of. True HD and TrueHD-sound is a stupid point you bring up.

Go watch BLU-RAY moives and STFU tryng to tell people what to think from what sounds like audiophile/videophile point of view.

You think what you mentioned will prevent people from developing mass digital distribution technoligy. lol WTF do you think is going on?.

Everythings going to be digital like or not.

This type of what you call "sub HD" will be adopted far before the masses will adopted the equipment it takes to take advantge TrueHD A/V and by then the tech would have made much ground in catching up to player capabilites.

ravenguard884667d ago

Super amazing (read: usually not very noticeable) quality enhancements aren't a huge deal. I'm one of those people. If you're running a 1080p video from a player (very little compression, let's not forget, all retail video formats ARE COMPRESSED) you aren't maximizing your investment without a very expensive, high-end display. Sure, lots of people have HD screens these days, and the numbers are growing. But what quality? I'm willing to bet the majority are 720p, low quality Wal-Mart brands, and only 1 in 1000 TV owners opts for the $6000 50" with professional tuning. There are so many factors effecting picture quality, and quite often a "degraded" 720p signal from a download service is more than enough.

You have to take everything into consideration, even things like viewing distance. For the average viewing distance of big screen TVs, 720p is the best choice because it will cost the least (or alternatively cost the same and give you superior quality) and the resolution difference is not noticeable from anywhere over about 8 or so feet (if we're talking ~50"), factoring in the slight picture distortions chances are any average person will not be able to tell the difference in a picture straight from a high-def player vs. an Xbox Live 720p download.

Alternatively, most people probably don't really care enough; whatever is cheaper is often the motto. Most people were and still are happy with good old DVD video.

Then we can talk sound quality. How many people own a set of speakers that are even worth playing the amazing uncompressed "High-Definition" sound through? Most people have the stereo set that came BUILT IN THE TV. You can spend $2000 on a sound system and it still cannot maximize the quality of a high-def player.

In the end, the incredible "lack of compression" compared to download services is only even considerable if you're talking about running high-end top-quality hardware. Not to say people don't have that, and there IS a market (just like there is a market for high-end PCs and the like), but just because you are one of the few who can afford/cares that much about the experience does NOT mean it is going to be a failure, because average joe doesn't drive a Ferrari.

popup4666d ago (Edited 4666d ago )

I also agree with the majority of what you say Ravenguard and I indeed preach it myself.

With the average size and sharpness of set increasing, Bluray and HDDVD set a good detail level and compression compromise to showcase this new technology at realistic viewing distances.

Internet video piracy proves how popular VOD is. Well, when its free that is and most of them buy a higher quality format release if they like what they see. There is always a better quality and its human nature to want it.

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