Wii-k in Review Podcast: Episode 42: according to NPD: wii software outsold 360 software in december

Matt, Mark and Peer step into IGN's recording dungeon to chat about their undying love affair with Wii in this Friday's Wii-k in Review. Topics include a post-analysis of NPD data, Smash Bros.' delay, Wii's 2008 online games, Wii Fit's success in Japan and more. Matt and Mark also offer impression of Bully and Endless Ocean's online mode. Finally, the three place their different bets on the capabilities of Wii 2

Thanks to Matt Cassamina at IGN, who has full NPD information, we now know that NPD calculates that the Wii software total outsold the 360 software total in December.

I'm not remotely suggesting the typical "change the figures Ioi!" banter (although clearly some games such as CoD4 360 and Wii Play will need drastic re-arrangement). What I am suggesting is that Wii software has now established itself; I have pointed out several times over the last couple months that the Wii's software totals worldwide have more than competed with 360 software, and that the Wii was not, in fact, suffering from a user base that avoids software purchases.

Now, it appears that NPD is confirming and even surpassing my estimations -- the Wii managed to sell more software than the 360 in America last month, despite having 20% less units in the region. In the busiest month of the year by far. Even competing (say, within 25% of the 360's software total, with 20% less hardware sold, would be in line with 360 totals) would have been adequate to prove my point, but it not only competed, but bested.

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BrotherNick4669d ago (Edited 4669d ago )

Hello. I would like to say that there is a slight difference between the people who buy games, and a possible reason to why this occured. More hardcore gamers get the games the day they come out, and casuals are more likely to get their stuff for christmas along with children for both hardcore and casual systems. That's my theory.

wiizy4668d ago

cant help but love the wii.. its something fresh and new