Times Tirade Claims Xbox is Crack for Kids

Kotaku writes:

"This is the subject matter that Janice Turner tackles in her recent rant/article on The Times website. Although her article is titled "Xbox is crack for Kids" she mostly complains about general media and technology and how to (or not to) regulate "screen time" for her kids and how this is a seemingly impossible task. She saves her most venomous words for video games which she attacks with vehemence in the last paragraph:

Once, such kids would be the playground outcasts, but no longer. Mine are. Because, unlike the TV-hating parents, I refuse to buy them portable gaming consoles, Xboxes, GameCubes, PS2s. These are Satan's Sudoku, crack cocaine of the brain. Even the crappiest cartoon or lamest soap teaches a child about character, plot, drama, humour, life. Playing videogames, children are mentally imprisoned, wired into their evil creators' brains. And they play them - beepety-beep - on journeys, over family meals, any minute in which they find themselves unamused.

And their parents never seem to say, hey, this is the bit where you pick up a book. Or game over, kids: get an inner life."

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niall774667d ago

... just saying sometimes on XBL you meet people who make you worry for the future of the human race

Xbox is the BEST4667d ago

games out only on the 360. Remember all the highest rated games on the PS#3 can be played on the 360 and that won't change this gen.

RIPHDDVD4667d ago

Whenever I'm on Xbox Live, all I hear is kids yelling and listening to rap music. Xbox 360 owners are losers without a life. Who brags about "Achievements"? GET A LIFE!

Chad Warden4667d ago

They're all virgins that live with their moms.

niall774667d ago

welcome to my Ignore list

DFresh4666d ago

Crack that you use up and you must buy more which is like when your 360 system blows up and your out buying another 360 and blowing another $400.
MS totally unreliable as a company which makes sense why they're billionaires.
F*** MS!!!!!!!!
SONY FTW!!!!!!

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