CheatCC Preview: Resident Evil 5 - What should we expect?

CheatCC writes: "Sure this super sequel may be way off in the distance, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't speculate on what goods this baby might bring. Being a devout Resident Evil fan and having beaten all the games, I hope to provide that extra bit of insight into what is most certainly one of the most anticipated games of the year. Just as I can not wait to go dancing with the dead, I am sure many of you also sit there impatiently counting the days. Perhaps this short preview can satisfy your insatiable hunger, but much like the brain dead subject matter here, I am sure it will be nothing more than an unsatisfying snack."

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Cwalat4664d ago

"This game should live up to the monumental hype, but will it be good enough to make us forget about the movies? One can only hope. "

^ Resident Evil Degeneration should make up for the movies...
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