CheatCC Preview: Okami, One of the PS2's Greatest, Soon on the Wii

CheatCC Writes: "One of the biggest surprises of the PS2 game library for a lot of people was Okami. Lauded by both game critics and gamers alike, Okami proved that what people really wanted was something different. Sure, a good Resident Evil title was always a plus, and God of War is an excellent series, but haven't we seen stuff like that before? Okami was unique because it honestly did implement a gameplay mechanic that nobody had ever seen before. And now, Wii owners are getting a chance to experience the magic of Okami in a remake of the PS2 classic, with some awesome Wii additions (namely, the control scheme) thrown in."

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Rikitatsu4667d ago


mikeslemonade4667d ago

This won't sell well on Wii. The hardcore games on Wii already are selling lower than expectations and this is a game on PS2 which everyone owned a PS2 and did not buy this game. Most people who have a Wii also had a PS2. It will only sell well if it's priced at $30.

lilwingman4667d ago

While without a doubt this game was amazing, it sold poorly on the PS2 (despite a HUGE userbase), and in all honesty I can't see it doing any better on the Wii. It just doesn't fit the Wii demographic.

ChickeyCantor4667d ago

If it didnt sell with the huge userbase ( or simply put the Core gamers) Then it fits nowhere, so they got nothing to lose anyway.
And you will never know, it could sell...if they promote it right.

mintaro4667d ago

okami was an AMAZING game, i just hope that the wii controls dont do anythig to damage that status

DeckUKold4667d ago

Its just me i don't see how that game compared to twilight princess

ChickeyCantor4667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

I never saw the connection either.
They both have wolves in them but thats about it.

But i do remember the producer saying he was a fan of of Zelda....or was it the guy from shadow of the colossus?......anyway, its like the stupid thing about Metroid VS bioschock......Never understood that.

Skerj4667d ago

It plays like you'd expect a Zelda game to play, but I think this game is far superior to TP. Amaterasu has more at her disposal than Link ever had though, my only gripe was the fake "StarFox" talking. The storyline alone achieves that, and it's about 40+ hours to complete. It's just an awesome game with so much to do, if you get the chance to check it out then please do so.

BrotherNick4667d ago

Hehe, I believe the hardcore demographic will make a hit ONCE Brawl comes out...that was where the hardcore could not refuse to not get a gamecube.

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