Images of Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway

Ubisoft has released five new images of Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway.

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sak5004667d ago

Nothing great in these shots. After COD4 and trailer of BC, i'm skeptical about this game doing something even closer to their level, and i.e. not eve considering that this is a WWII rehash. Anyway, time will tell, when is it getting released btw?

SgtMattBaker4666d ago

well.. i was looking at IGN and they say April 08' but then I looked at Amazon and they say October 31st 08'.. so i wondering is this game worth it??!??!

Cartesian3D4667d ago

COD4 looks more real in term of colours ..

may be Im wrong but its like a fantasy world with saturated colours :P

anyway character models and details are really awesome.. but environment surfaces are all flat ..

hope to see a unique WW2 game..

socomnick4667d ago

Download the debut trailer on Xbox live the game looks quite nice there also seems to be destructible environments.