Four New Gears of War screens! (TGS off-screen)

Gears of War looks amazing as ever.

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NextGen24Gamer5846d ago

Now thats an in game screen shot. It shows ammo and everything. And its incredible. Emergence day 2006. This will be the game of the year.

DJ5846d ago

But I'm gonna hold off all judgment until I see what the gameplay is like, and if they've changed anything.

HyperBear5846d ago

HDTV. ITS GONNA BE SWEET. Just as all of the HD Games has been, except this game is like the most polished up, HD, 360 game to date. Is realing spectacual. I just hope RFOM, is the same thing for PS3, cause thats about the only good game for launch right now. But this is one of thw 3 360 games im getting this year. (others are COD3 and DOAX2). and for PS3, mainly RFOM, Motorstorm and Heavenly Sword.

Marriot VP5846d ago (Edited 5846d ago )

Equal competition benefits the consumer...ALWAYS

Prepare to have both companies fighting for your console choice by dropping prices and pushing new developers to the limits, yippee

Oh and the indirect gameplay shots...holy crap, it's so beautiful. Can't wait to play XBL and have your players mouth your words online. Althought I really want them to release the amount of players online and other stuff like that.

HyperBear5846d ago

Paul, they have both fought for my console choice. I bought (actually WON) my 360 on launch day, and i bought 2 ganes. Right now ive got 12, but im taking 5 of them back, cause they are crap. I plan on getting a PS3 too, just cause theyve proven to me to be a good, next-gen technology console. So cant wait. Nov. is right around the corner.

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The story is too old to be commented.