Far Cry 2 Preview (Games Radar) - Details On the Africa-Set Sequel

1/18/2008 - Ben Richardson of GamesRadar UK writes:

"Despite outward similarities, this Ubisoft-developed sequel to Crytek's brilliant but flawed paradise island blaster will not be following in the footsteps of Crysis or the original Far Cry. Here the emphasis is on grimy realism, not sci-fi excess. In fact, Far Cry 2's creative director Clint Hocking draws intriguing parallels between his game and the theme of "man's inner madness" in the Joseph Conrad novel Heart Of Darkness, where monsters are metaphorical rather than literal."

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AbyssGravelord4667d ago

Don't you just love how this is multiplatform now :)

marinelife94667d ago

Does anyone know what Ubisoft's new "no compromise" approach to the 360 and PS3 means?

AbyssGravelord4667d ago

Are you retarded didn't you hear its multiplatform? F%$#ing dumbass

Amnesiac4667d ago

looks badass.

the shot on the second page is sweet

heyheyhey4667d ago

"no compromise"

i highly doubt that- anyway this game is looking badass

alster234667d ago

looks interesting i like how the AI respond to stuff. Wut the hell is there "no compromise" thing about? Wut is it?

Iron Man 24667d ago

Far Cry 2 will be best on PC,but I will be picking up the second best version,which is of course the PS3 version:)

I really enjoyed Far Cry on the PC,I will most def. be picking this one up