Wii Music: Over 40 Instruments, Different Control Schemes

The Wiire, by Shawn White (2008-01-18)

Japanese Web site presented new details about Nintendo's upcoming title Wii Music.

According to the report, the gameplay in Wii Music will revolve around 'Play Sessions.' Up to six characters can participate in a session, four of which can be human-controlled. The game will feature both old and new music from Nintendo's internal sound team. Replay options for each session should also be available.

Players will have access to the conductor baton and over 40 instruments, such as the Folk Guitar, Bass Guitar, Trumpet, Xylophone and Maracas. Different instruments will feature different controls. The Wiire has more details.

Wii Music currently carries a tentative 2008 release date for all territories.

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NPerez4667d ago

This makes me want to get a Wii.. My biggest worry is that the control over the instruments will feel too artificial, but even in the worst case I don't think the conductor baton can possibly fail. I've wanted to mess around with that since long before the Wii came out.

djt234667d ago

mmmmm i might get this
it sound very interesting

Pandaren004667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

the only place this will sell remotely well is Japan. Americans love their guitar hero and rock band. Wii Music will probably seem ridiculous and stupid compared to other music games like GH in America. EU might have better sales than america, but nothing spectacular.

jonboi244667d ago

i got to agree with u on that. this game ain't gonna be no GH3 or rock band. though this game does interest me a lil the only thing that would make me even think about buying it would be if they added some classic nintendo game music than maybe.

B Man4667d ago

Granted it won't be as widely successful in the US as Guitar Hero has, but it will definately be a success I think. I'm taking a guess though that this game isn't going to be anything like games like guitar hero and rock band though, so until I hear otherwise i'm not even going to compare them with each other.

Basch4667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

You'd be surprised. Wii owners will probably take to this idea very quickly regardless of territory, for what could possibly go wrong with emulating a conductor's baton, drums etc in this fashion? Given the success of other in-house Wii branded games like Wii Play (Wii Fit is still up for debate, and most Wii owners own Wii Sports from the off), why is it that Wii Music's charm won't win them over? Could it not be that Guitar Hero also sold on the basis of simplicity, namely that "even if you're hopeless at guitar in real life, you can master it on here"? That actually seems to be the premise for a lot of Wii games, because sales-wise it's a nearly flawless formula.

LJWooly4667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

Looks cool, i'll tell my mate about this (he has a Wii, I don't).

B Man4667d ago

But I don't understand how the stringed instruments would work with the wii-mote. Naturally the wii-mote can allow you to play percussion instruments realistically *To some degree of course*, but unless your using the GH guitar for wii to play guitar, I can't see it being fun playing those stringed instruments.

I don't know too much about this game, so maybe it's being taken a completely different direction than instrument games *Samba, GH, Rock Band).

ChickeyCantor4667d ago

guitar...maybe they let you gimmick a strum, and it could be fast or slow, and ofcourse with timing

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