Final Fantasy XIII and Versus V-Jump Scans Translated

The new V-Jump Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII have been translated and include background information about the story and summons in Final Fantasy XIII and information on the characters in Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

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vloeistof4664d ago

you know i think the girl with the cross-bow is the main character in ff xiii and lightning and that guy with the gun are her guards or something

Sam Fisher4664d ago

did any1 relise that lightnings weapon is a switch blade?

Kain814664d ago

The summons are Great, and the Story will be a Masterpiece

Spike474664d ago

I'm really not a fan of rpgs but ff7 was just the greatest game I've ever played next to super mario and the GTA series.

So is ff13 and ff13versus gonna be like ff7?

Are they gonna have a big open world to roam or what?

in 2008 I'm picking up 4 major titles: LBP, prototype, mgs4, and resistance 2.

FF13 migt make it five.

liquidsnake4663d ago

Dunno much about FF 13/vs 13. However, if you enyojed FF7 then you should play FF 8 and 9 too. Those are the "easy" ones to get and they have all beautiful story and an open world just like FF7. I would recommend FF3 as well but that one is on the SNES and might be kinda hard to get your hands on ;). But FF7-9 are games a true gamer must have plyed. They are so damn good and I belive FF 13/vs won't be an exception.

Spike474664d ago

this may be off topic but does anyone see that prototype looks a bit better than gta4.

I mean gta4 won't have planes or anything and prototype you are a super human being that wrecks havoc and whatnot.

Those two titles are in a bloody war to enter my tp 4 games to pick up in 2008.

Rock Bottom4664d ago

Are you trying to be funny?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.