For the Lucky Few 1080p HDTV owners

This is just more clarification on MS's 1080p update.

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DJ5846d ago

So you need a VGA cable if you want 1080p for HD-DVD movies; on component it's only up to 1080i. How odd.

Marriot VP5846d ago

that's because all HDTV's aren't able to use component for 1080p, that's the TV's fault though.

The HDMI announcement will be at x06

Lionel Hutz5846d ago

That's not true, Paul. I'm sorry but my TV can do 1080p over component. So although most cannot do it over component, it is ERRONEOUS to say that ALL CANNOT. If you don't believe me, here is the link to the specs of my TV:

Also, this news was posted earlier here by Donkey Slayer:

As for amirm, he is definitely legitimate - I have even had conversations at AVS forum with him over my TV (The very one in the link above). He is a HD-DVD insider as well as a MS employee and certainly knows what he is talking about.

Marriot VP5846d ago (Edited 5846d ago )

Well actually I was gonna edit my post and say most can't do 1080p component not all. That's just how their built.

eques judicii5846d ago

does this mean that if you get the vga plug the xbox 360 will upscale normal dvds?

Lionel Hutz5846d ago (Edited 5846d ago )

This is from Joystiq as well:

"Similar to the way the Xbox 360 upscales original Xbox games from 480p to 720p/1080i, you'll be able to enjoy your existing Xbox 360 games at the new resolution. As if you needed more proof that Microsoft's adoption of high definition HD-DVD is little more than a strategic move to limit Blu-ray's potential sphere of influence, Microsoft's 1080p software upgrade will also remove some of the value of their upcoming HD-DVD add-on by upscaling your existing DVD movies to HD resolutions, including 1080p."

That excerpt can be found here:

NextGen24Gamer5846d ago

Yes its need vga or hdmi to do the 1080p (for movies only)....Componant will do 1080p for games....

But to solve all can buy a vga to dvi adapter for less than 10 dollars and there you have it. Vga anolog to full dvi digital. And you get 1080p out for both movies and games.

HyperBear5846d ago (Edited 5846d ago )

I have a 32" LCD HDTV and it runs 4080p/i, 720p and 1080i. Now my Xbox 360 is running off of component, so you meaning to say, that if i get a VGA-DVI-D cable and an adapter, and then when the HD DVD thing comes out, I can watch movies and play Xbox 360 games and have it being upscaled to 1080p on a max. 1080i tv?, or am i screwed for 1080p. Plus when i get the PS3, all I have to get is an HDMI cable and it has audio and video and it upscales everything into 1080p?, So please help me out here, what are your suggestions for this?
If you could answer hose, that'd be great

Edit: Oh BTW, my tv has 2HDMI inputs, but one is being used for my HD Terminal, and i want the other one to be used for my PS3, just incase you were suggesting HDMI. Thanks

Jay da 2KBalla5846d ago

I wont be buying the HD-DVD add on so I dont really care. As long as the games play in 1080p over component, I'm straight.

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The story is too old to be commented.