9/10 for Burnout Paradise from GamesRadar

At its core, this is Burnout at its finest: it's the best-looking, it's got the widest range of cars, traffic-checking's been toned down so you can't just plough into anything that moves without fear. Each individual road has its own Time Trial and Stunt modes… and it's got an immense soundtrack - Jane's Addiction? Guns 'N' Roses? (Guess which song.) Faith No More? Yes, please. Avril Lavigne's Girlfriend? Erm, if you insist. Oh, and there's the online game, with its promise to let you invite friends into your world via a couple of simple D-pad taps with no break in play.

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MK_Red4660d ago

Another near perfect score for the legendary Burnout.

MaximusPrime4660d ago

another great title for PS3 (and xbox 360) with excellent score. nice one.

Mc1874660d ago

A good start to what will be an excellent year in gaming.

v1c1ous4660d ago

that this game will be so-so with sales....