Killzone 2: Believe the hype 2nd time around?

You know what the problem was with Killzone's original release. It was nothing to do with the quality of the gameplay or the much-touted 'startling' never-before-seen level of graphical brilliance. Killzone was a classic case of a game that couldn't possibly live up to the hype, so it's little wonder developer Guerilla has been content only to drip-feed information, screens and footage of the sequel.

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Nicosia4663d ago

it looks more of a opinion piece... maby i'm wrong.

Hatchetforce4663d ago

Just an opinion piece and quite wrong about one thing. I will beleive the hype the 3rd time around. Killzone 2 already lived up to the hype the second time around - at E3 when they shut everyone up.

Think about it. KZ2 was discussed more at E3 - not later - but more at E3 than HALO 3 which was only 2 months away. This game is going to sell PS3s like mad.

SlippyMadFrog4663d ago

"Killzone 2 already lived up to the hype the second time around"

That doesn't make sense

Kratosnake4662d ago

This is BS, I'm sick of getting tricked into reading something that is utterly useless under a catchy headline. Who cares if you think its gonna be good or not? I need info, damn it.

When will gaming journalism grow up? eeggghh...

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TheExecutive4663d ago

there is nothing to this "article"

Maldread4663d ago (Edited 4663d ago )

I would rather put my money on Resistance 2 over Killzone 2. Killzone got the graphics, but i`m not convinced they got the gameplay covered. Still, the game holds a lot of promise, so hope they prove me wrong, i want it to be a great game.

calis4663d ago

Gameplay covered? It's a FPS all you gotta do is point and shoot. They are all the same.

InMyOpinion4662d ago

So...according to you when sites/magazines review FPS's they only go by how good it looks, since gameplay is the same for all?

That's the most stupid thing I've ever heard and people actually agree with it. They are either illiterate or superficial graphic wh0res.

EZCheez4663d ago

It looks fantastic in the trailers and screenshots, but so did Lair. I would just rather have low expectations for a game and be pleasantly surprised when it turns out to be great rather than believe all of the hype and be seriously disappointed after spending $60 on it.

It does look REALLY good though. I just want to see how they handle the online aspect of the game because considering the FPS I've bought lately, that's the saving grace. UT3 singleplayer is dull and monotonous, but the online is fantastic, especially with mods. COD4 singleplayer was short (terrific but short), but the online is where it really shined through.

And I really hope it releases with at least two months between itself and Resistance 2. Having those games release too closely together would be a horrible move, and the way Insomniac is it sounds like they could be done first.

Maldread4663d ago

Agree with that. Killzone has enough hype already, it`s better to get the expectations down to a more realistic level.

It will probably be closer to Call of Duty 4 (not a bad thing really) than being the greatest and most revolutionary FPS some claim it will be (the cover system and blood stuff seem great though). If it turns out to be a fun game, which solves the issues i had with the first (bad fps, not the best multiplayer, to little variation in the gameplay etc), i would be more than happy with it. The last i want is another Getaway 2, but i don`t think Guerilla will let that happen though.

TheExecutive4663d ago

I am looking forward to KZ2. I am not going to hype it though. More information is needed before I carry on about this title. Until that point R2 is my most hyped fps of the year, we know they can deliver.

Maldread4663d ago

Yeah me too. Imsomniac has proven themselves countless times, while it`s up to Guerilla to show us their skill now. A lot of people liked their Killzone PSP game though, so i`m interested to see how Killzone 2 will turn out in the end.

I just don`t want to put more hype on the fire, when they really havn`t shown us that much or let sites play it. Game sites are usually the one`s doing the hyping though, so that`s not always a good thing either hehe ;)

EastCoastSB4663d ago

The Killzone PSP game was really good, the only PSP game that I actually played through all the way.

I have high expectations for KZ2 after watching some of the gameplay videos they released. I just hope it doesn't disappoint in the gameplay department.

MoNaRkY4662d ago

Compare it to LAIR? Well why not? Have you are any of you so called gamers actually played either one? Overwhelming majority of negative a**wipes haven't. First "Killzone" was not even close to being an overwhelmingly bad game, nor was "LAIR"!

But they did try to do too much with the hardware using code that wasn't ready to be pushed into these games. Killzone's story and that opening movie were only surpassed by "GoW II". I still play the movie because the voice acting script are on par with the speech given by Morpheus in the last Matrix movie. I just finished playing it again 2 months ago and found very little wrong with the entire game.

LAIR? If you didn't honestly play the game all the way through then you missed out on a game that of the people that actually plated it, Loved it!!! I still use it to demo the Sixaxis gameplay to friends and visitors. The night scene flying into take out the generators with it's musical score is one the best on any platform to date! ...yet people like you listen to screwed up reviewers that should never have reviewed the game in the first place, then just repeat what they said!!!

Parts of both of these games stepped outside the boundaries of ordinary FPS and Action games to give us something we hadn't seen before and you and the many many ignorant followers of some of these moron reviewers end up following them like a Rat tailing a Pied Piper!

If you're going to spread negative cr*p about a game, at least wait till it's out and you have actually played it! ;)

EZCheez4662d ago

I bought Lair the first day it came out, and I played it completely through. I also returned the game within a week. Sorry bud, but that's about all the game is good for. Like you said, it makes a great little tech demo for the Sixaxis and that's it.

Don't jump to conclusions so fast. People are entitled to their own opinion and I thought the game was horrible. I'm glad you liked it, but you should lighten up. Don't take posts so personally, okay?

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AngryHippo4663d ago

.....forward to this game.....want to see more of it though. Hopefully at GDC.