Penny Arcade Game: Gameplay Videos, Jan 19, 2008 - Three gameplay videos from "Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness":

• Mime Assault - Those imaginary weapons sure pack a punch!

• Hobo Takedown - Smash your way through the hobo defenses to claim the giant key as your own!

• Charge Attack - Charge up and unleash your fury to decimate any fool unlucky enough to get in your way.

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socomnick4669d ago

lol they got a game now :)

KidMakeshift4669d ago

Looks as boring as the comic itself

ElfShotTheFood4669d ago (Edited 4669d ago )

The artwork is nice but the gameplay looks pretty boring; there's a way to do turn-based combat, and that ain't it.

But I'm sure if the characters swear a lot and make unfunny references to other videogames the fans will love it.