Ubisoft: ‘It’s Too Early to Say Vita Won’t Be a Success’


Ubisoft has faith in PlayStation Vita. After the announcement of Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation last week at E3, we sat down with Ubisoft senior vice president of sales and marketing Tony Key to find out why the company is still interested in supporting Sony’s handheld despite its disappointing sales.

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dangert122316d ago

I have this huge feeling...vita will explode when the price drops lower say around 25% less then It Is now...

Emilio_Estevez2316d ago

That and COD + AC exclusive spinoffs will really help it.

cpayne932316d ago

Yeah I think both of those games will help push sales. I really want to see ghost recon on the vita, or else some other tactical shooter. Something like fb2, with multiple objectives, big maps, and plenty of choice and strategy.

raytraceme2316d ago

I am really surprised by ubisoft lately. They have been showing off new ip's and are being pretty supportive of new consoles like vita and the wii u. Keep up the good work (and get that drm off the pc)!!!!!

fei-hung2316d ago


I take it you have not played Unit13?

Highly underrated and largely overlooked.

I bought the game on release and only started playing it yesterday. Boy this game is good. Tactical shooter with very good stealth elements.

It may not have multiplayer but it does have a co-op mode which is pretty good.

To make up for lack of MP, they have put 2 things in which I find awesome:

1) daily missions that challange leaderboards and there is constant feedback and info.

2) How well the game is connected to other gamers including sp levels.

I might get a lot of flack for this but I am enjoying Unit13 way more than I enjoyed Uncharted GA!

guitarded772316d ago

I just ordered mine last night due to the $50 credit amazon is giving with the system. So basically the system is $200 with the credit and that was the motivating factor for me to finally purchase. The only problem I have now is there isn't a huge catalog of Vita games yet. When CoD, Assassin's Creed, Killzone, LBP, Final Fantasy, etc, etc, etc come out for the system, they will start moving them. But I'm mostly interested in new IPs. Can't wait to get the damn thing in the mail this Friday.

cpayne932316d ago

@fei-hung I don't have a vita yet, so no. But I've watched gameplay, and I am definitely certain I will get that game. It might have had points knocked down for lack of competitive mp and story, but it still looks pretty awesome for what it is. I just forgot about it for a while, but I still had it in the back of my head to get it once I get my vita.

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allyc4t2316d ago

I believe a pricedrop is all the Vita needs right now to push it over the edge. $250+Memory Card+ Games is a little steep right now.

Shadow Flare2316d ago (Edited 2316d ago )

I seem to recall the 3DS doing very poorly at launch. So they had to slash it's price. Vita is a good product. It will pick up once more games are out

live2play2316d ago

you recall incorrectly

it was the media and peoples sheep mind that exaggerated the whole thing

3ds was their fastest selling hardware

but it wasnt selling enough for NINTENDOS OWN HIGH GOALS

but the media and sheep minds such as yours spun it and it just snowballed from there

live2play2316d ago

and since nintendo did not have games coming out soon to drive sales

they slashed the price to gain momentum

if both vita and 3ds had the 250 price BUT ALSO HAD GAMES
they wpuld have no problem selling

live2play2316d ago (Edited 2316d ago )

i know i know
its hard for your sheep mind to comprehend

afterall you were spoon-fed all this doom talk

but you never really bothered to check your facts


they wanted to meet them

3ds wasnt selling poorly


FriedGoat2316d ago

As a 3ds owner from launch I can tell you the first six months were DIRE. The games were poop the system software was worse ands I deeply regretted buying it. The vita on the other hand I haven't put down!

live2play2316d ago

lack of games plain and simple

you have games people want

they will pay the price

if you dont, then they dont

kingdavid2316d ago


Companies dont price drop after 6 months to attain their "own high goals".

If the 3ds was making enough profit, they would not have done it. Simple.

solidjun52315d ago

"but the media and sheep minds such as yours spun it and it just snowballed from there "

funny. A sheep calling people sheep.

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a_bro2316d ago

I expect an overload of Vita Games at TGS, just because Japan is a mobile centric country.

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CommonSenseGamer2316d ago

It wont be a success unless something changes. I'm holding off but keen to get one if things start to pick up.

SSKILLZ2316d ago

cod for the vita with zombie mode and monster hunter

Bang ! you got sales in the U.S and Japan.

Shaalashaska2316d ago

PS Vita will do good regardless of what anyone says.
Ubi needs to show us a gameplay walkthrough of AC3 Liberation!

etownthree2316d ago

I will end up getting one... But after a year when some better games come out.

And that inevitable price drop.

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